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Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Vignette

I like calling my décor a vignette. It sounds so hoity toity. When really, it’s anything but. I can’t call it a mantel though. Table Spread? Buffet? Anyway, I don’t want to go straight to Valentine’s day after Christmas, so I like to either put out some winter-esque décor, or nothing until Valentine’s. Paper kept getting piled on the buffet, so décor it was! I went with silver, white, and shades of blue to make it wintry.
Let’s start with a fun winter craft you can do with the kidlets, on a snow day. And make lasting art. Get a blank canvas. Mine was on sale at Michaels. $3 for an 11x16. Sweet.
Tape off some shapes.
Snowflake Art (1)Snowflake Art (2)
Painter’s tape kept curling off the page, so masking tape won. It did bleed a bit though, so we’re not going for perfection.
Snowflake Art (4)
Give the kids some paint. We did about 6 shades of blue and let them go hog wild. I just reminded them to not get big globs, and paint on the sides.
Snowflake Art (3)
Peel up the tape. Voila! A fun piece of art! I think it needs glitter, so I’m going to pick up some silver on the top. Wanna see the whole vignette?
Winter Vignette (1)
A New Year print in a thrifted frame, a wire cage, snowflakes scattered all around (bought from Michael’s last week…$0.25 for 2), with some white ornaments I already had. I made the hurricane jar thing, and the pinecone votive holders were free from Tai Pan Trading.
Winter Vignette (2)
I painted a pair of thrifted wooden candlesticks turquoise.'
Winter Vignette (4)
The funky silver star was an ornament from Target this year. The black lantern is something my mom gave me a couple months ago.
Winter Vignette (3)
I think I either need to paint the knob on my thrifted cloche, or change it out for a funky one.
Winter Vignette (6)
We made a snowflake “wreath” from popsicle sticks the same day as the painting for a craft. I think it needs some glitter too...
Winter Vignette (7)
It was very stormy, so we had to do something!
Winter Vignette (8)
We also used coffee filters to make some snowflakes.
Winter Vignette (5)
And hung them on the mirrors.
I broke down everything that I bought at the thrift store. Cuz that’s how I roll. All the other stuff I either had, or bought off the clearance rack at Michaels/Target. Oh, the nice pop of bright red? My daughter’s Lip Smacker chapstick. Remember those?
Winter Spread
So the whole thing was super cheap, it’s kinda ridiculous. I think it was $8.25, without taxes. Easily less than $10. Mostly stuff I’ve hoarded in the past, and just pulled them together. Sweet. V-day will be coming out soon enough.
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  1. Oh what an awesome idea to paint that! I want to have my boys do something like this. Thank you!


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