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Saturday, June 30, 2012

What I Wore Sunday: Week 22

Before I get into what I wore on Sunday, I’ll bet you’ll never guess where I am right now. 

Give up?

We left our house at 4:00 a.m. to go on a 22 mile hike over the mountain to the Manti Temple for Girls Camp--a summer camp for the young teenage girls in our church.

This hike has taken months to plan, and I have been lucky enough to help in all of the planning of both the hike and Girls Camp.  It has been a different experience for me, since I’ve got all boys.  Good times.  You’ll never guess what my main assignment for camp is--you guessed it!  Crafts!

You may be wondering WHY in the world we would take over a hundred teenage girls on a 22 mile hike.  This year marks the 100th year of Girls Camp, and we wanted to do something memorable.  The story of the stonecutter, John Rowe Moyle, touched all of us on the stake camp committee, and we decided to see if this was a possibility. 

It is, and that’s what we’re doing!  Wish us all luck!

One thing the story of the stonecutter didn’t mention is that he had to climb over 100 feet of scaffolding on his handmade prosthesis to carve ‘Holiness to the Lord’ into the temple.  SCARY!!  He worked on the temple and made that 22 mile walk twice a week for decades.  Even with a prosthesis.  I don’t believe he lived to see the temple dedicated.  What an amazing, touching, story.

Moving right along…

frame to match teal and white 

…52 weeks of shaking up the wardrobe…

The Rules:

  1. Wear a different outfit every Sunday.

  2. Incorporate at least one article of clothing or accessory that was either refashioned, sewn myself, or handmade.

  3. Outfits can be worn more than once; just not the same way.

  4. Think outside the box and be creative.

This is what I wore:

week 22

This was my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding.  Well, the lighter purple dress was.  I refashioned a light weight sweater into the tie-shrug I’m wearing.  I love this dress and tried to make it less formal and more appropriate for church.  Oh, but I love this dress!  You can kind of see in the picture by my knees and hemline, that the outside layer of the dress is a sheer crepe, and it is lined with satin.  The crepe is about four inches longer than the satin.  I love the color, the fabrics, the fit and the length of this dress.  It’s almost like it was made for me!  :)  Thanks for giving me such an awesome dress, J!  :)

So, what did you wear?  We want to see!

frame to match teal and white

Link up to anything you have refashioned or sewn yourself.  It doesn’t have to be dressy, and it doesn’t have to be worn on a Sunday.  It doesn’t even have to be worn by you.  Show it off!

  • No links to shops or giveaways, please.

  • Link back to Crafty Cousins on your blog, too, okay?

  • Bonus points for following Crafty Cousins!  :)

  • Tell your friends about the What I Wore Sunday Link Party.  What’s a party without lots of partiers?

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!  :)

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nursery Redo: Part 3

Who’s ready for the last installment of this nursery redo?

I am!

Who’s ready for their baby to sleep in a big boy bed?

I’m not!!

But he is, so we will proceed…and this is just a curtain refashion.  And he’s been sleeping in his bed for a while now, and I’m still not okay with it. 


Okay.  This is what Monkey’s curtains looked like:

nursery redo (16)

Wow.  It’s hard to take pictures of a window.  Sorry.  So, as you can(not) see, the curtains are just plain and blue.

Now let’s look at Monkey’s crib skirt:

nursery redo (5)

Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Uh, I think so, Brain, but this time you wear the tutu.

My thoughts exactly.  We can spruce up the hum-drum curtains with the crib skirt!

I cut the edges off of the crib skirt and serged the edges.  Then I gathered them at the tops and sewed them to the top of the curtains. 

nursery redo (34)

I took the two shorter sides of the crib skirt and folded/sewed them into tie backs for the curtains.

nursery redo (35)

They’re even reversible!

nursery redo (38)

So easy.

Wanna see how it all turned out?

nursery redo (30)

Ta-Da!  I love the color that it added to the boring curtains.

This concluded Monkey’s nursery redo. 

Ready for a recap?

We went from this:


To this:

nursery redo (24)

…and this:

nursery redo (31)

The room décor stayed the same.  Monkey’s toy box now sits where the crib used to. 

Wanna know what I loved most about this bedroom redo?!

It didn’t cost a dime!

My favorite kind of project!  :)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Fourth!

I know, it’s not for a week (or holy crap, it’s only in a week?!?) depending on your perspective. But I made these yesterday, and I thought they were too cute not to share!
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (10)
K, before I go any farther, you have to not judge the VERY dirty patio. And the bright sun. Because it’s a basement apartment, it’s either full sun, or no sun. So we took pictures first thing this morning=full sun. Plus, the owners are landscaping, so all the rocks and dirt you see will be gone tomorrow! Woohoo! I’ll post a picture of it when it’s done and beautiful!
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (1)
Anyway, I used this tutorial here from Lil Blue Boo and it was so cute and fun! The red striped fabric is an Old Navy shirt I had hanging in my closet that I just wasn’t wearing. So I thought it would be awesome for the 4th!4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (4)
I raided my stash of fabric (seriously, one of these days I’ll show you how bad it is) and I pulled out the turquoise knit shiny fabric and the regular ol’ white knit. The base and waistband of the skirt are a black or dark navy blue and white fabric.
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (3)
Whoa, kind of a scary face from number one, huh? The skirts turned out a bit big. I made #1’s the same size as Lil Blue Boo’s and it was probably about a 5T. I made #2’s smaller, just guesstimating, and it’s probably the right size for #1, so 3-4T. I have them safety pinned on them right now, so these bad boys will fit for a few years, at least!
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (2)
See poor baby eczema on her neck? We finally got into a dermatologist for this week, so hopefully that will start clearing up. She hasn’t been strangled, I promise.
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (5)
They love the twirliness of the skirts (what, it’s a word!?)
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (6)
Oh, dirty chairs.
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (7)
Ring around the rosies
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (8)
I need to get #2 a cuter shirt to go with her skirt before next week.
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (9)
But they love them, and I love how fun they turned out!
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nursery Redo: Part 2

Are you ready to see how I turned Firecracker’s twin sized quilt into a queen sized one?  It was really, really easy.

I did this because the twin quilt already matched the nursery décor, and because I am a cheapskate.

This is what Monkey’s “guest bed” looked like before he moved into it.

nursery redo (2)

Lovely, right?!  I am kidding.  Let’s flashback to what Firecracker’s quilt looked like:


See the blue edging on the queen sized quilt?  I cut that off and serged the raw edges.

nursery redo (8)

nursery redo (9)

Then I lined the blue edges up with the twin quilt and pinned them into place.

nursery redo (7)

When everything was pinned, I sewed the ‘new’ edges onto the quilt.

nursery redo (10)

That was it!  Easy Peasy!

nursery redo (24)

You know that old saying, “Use it up, Wear it out.  Make it do, or do without”?  I live by that.  I serged the raw edges of the queen quilt and now it’s in with our camping gear.  Waste not, want not, right?!

Back to Monkey’s new bed…

nursery redo (45)



He loves it!

Check back on Thursday to see the conclusion of the nursery redo!  I’ll show you how I refashioned Monkey’s curtains!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Pantry revamp

So there is a project still in the works, that freed up a nice bit of room in my “pantry”. It’s a closet on the other side of the house, and half of my food is in the back storage room. So, before I organized with my new project, this is what that back room looked like. Pretty scary, huh? You could hardly get back to the food shelves, much less find what you were looking for!


After I organized, de-junked, and did a recycling run, here’s what I’m left with!! Oh, it just makes me breath a huge sigh of relief. It looks SO much better!!


So are you curious what the project was?Well, that’s coming soon, but here’s the “pantry” closet that I have all my stuff in, except for main baking staples.


That’s the after, minus a few more organizational/de-junking issues. That top shelf needs the most love and attention. It has all the sweets and treats. I store them on the top because calories are afraid of heights so they jump out when they’re up high! Here’s what’s hanging on the door:


That holds all the little yeast, dry mix, and spice packages that get lost and overwhelmed in the chaos. I still have a lot of room to put stuff in, so it’s still a work in progress.


Here’s my top shelf of my top secret project, all of my big spices, sauces, vinegars and such for cooking with, that box holds random bags, the checkbook box holds the bag closer ties from Ikea:

Over next is the pastas that are open, and then the more unique cooking items, like couscous, quinoa, rye flour, and lentils. I keep the bread there too.


Down on the bottom shelf is my main baking staples.


Don’t mind the blurriness, but the other half of the shelf holds the honey, corn meal (for homemade pizza, yum!) wheat germ, and other odds and ends, including the onions and potatoes.


Here’s the 2 shelves together:


And the other half.


Did you notice all the Tupperware containers have labels? I cut out a bunch of chalkboard vinyl with my mom’s Cricut, and put them on there, then used a chalk marker to write what’s in everything. Then I can change them as needed, or as I get different things to try from bulk foods! Before, I had no clue what half the stuff was, so now I’ll actually use it! It was so nice to bake banana bread and marinate a steak and have everything I needed in the kitchen!!! Woohoo! Hopefully I’ll have that project finished soon to show you! Have a happy Monday! I don’t know how good ours will be, my 1 year old has bitten my 4 year old twice, and pulled out a chunk of her hair already! Phew! (BTW any tips are appreciated to keep them from biting each other!)

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

What I Wore Sunday: Week 21

frame to match teal and white

…52 weeks of shaking up the wardrobe…

The Rules:

  1. Wear a different outfit every Sunday.

  2. Incorporate at least one article of clothing or accessory that was either refashioned, sewn myself, or handmade.

  3. Outfits can be worn more than once; just not the same way.

  4. Think outside the box and be creative!

This is what I wore on Sunday:


…or at least what I was planning on wearing to Church before Monkey got sick.  Poor baby.  He’s had a rough week. 

This skirt was an XXL, and I bought it off the clearance rack for $3.00.  I took it in on the side seams, and now it’s a medium.  I love this skirt.  I love the length, the fabric, and the flow-ey design.

I also made my earrings, but you can’t see them in the picture.  This is what they look like:

handmade earrings (18)

This is the tutorial, if you’re interested in making your own.

I had a lot of fun at last week’s party, didn’t you?  So many fun entries!

Here are the most viewed links:

What I Wore Sunday from Brittany at This Beautiful Life.

sunday june 9 collagesunday june 9 

I love that Brittany took on the What I Wore Sunday challenge!  I love her whole outfit.  Yellow is my favorite color.  It’s all sunshine and happiness.  Love it! 

Amy from Sew Incredibly Crazy crocheted this Irish Scarf.

Irish Scarf 

Oh.My.Goodness!!  Isn’t that gorgeous!  I love it.  I have ZERO patience for crocheting, so I think it’s awesome that Amy did this!  Hmmm…maybe I have crafting ADD?!  I don’t know, but way to go, Amy!!

Gate No.4 took a pair of adult jeans and turned them into a pair of shorts.  She used the legs to make an adorable denim skirt for her little lady.


Goodness, that girl is sweet!  I love the way the skirt turned out.  Sometimes, I think it would be a lot of fun to dress up a little girl…then give her back to her mother!  Except this one.  If her mom would let me, I’d keep her!  Maybe we could do a trade?!  Let me know!

Thanks again to everyone who linked up.  It sure was fun!  Check back next week for another What I Wore Sunday party!

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