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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brit Kit Party

Have you heard of Brit + Co? I hadn’t until recently I found their iPhone app. It’s kind of like Pinterest, but not. You should look into it. They have this fun concept called Brit Kits, and it’s a craft kit that gets sent to your door that has everything you need to do a project (or two). Anyhow, as I was on the app, they said you could apply to be a hostess for a Brit Kit party. So just for kicks, I applied. I got picked for June! Woohoo! It was a Summer Soiree Kit, in all patriotic colors, so I went with patriotic decorating to get my butt in gear for the 4th. (that’s next week, people!)

Brit Kit Party (1)

I have this pretty sweet, vintage rope from my grandma in red, white, and blue. I hung it on our island my hubby built me with giant push pins in red, white, and blue.

Brit Kit Party (7)

I had some things set out for refreshments, which I provided a few, and other guests brought some treats too. This was before they had gotten here.

Brit Kit Party (6)

I have a cool, 3 divided tray so I put red, white, and blue napkins in it, then piled on treats and snacks in matching colors. I also had cookies, water and lemonade. I didn’t get a picture of the cups, but I used plastic cups and wrapped them with some patriotic washi tape from the party kit.

Brit Kit Party (5)

On the table, I had these mason jars holding the scissors, Sharpies, and some swirly pipe cleaners for fun. I got the idea for the mason jars here at It All Started with Paint. So what was in the kits?

Brit Kit Party (2)

It came in a cardboard box with a picture of the finished project on the outside.

Brit Kit Party (3)

The card had how-tos, and we got a pack of paper straws, lollipop sticks, 3 rolls of washi, some baker’s twine, 4 tiles, a foam brush, and some gloss varnish. It also came with a gift card for wine to make it a real party!

Brit Kit Party (4)

Here’s the table all laid out with kits for everyone, and just waiting for the guests to come! Once I explained what Brit Kits were and what the project was, everyone got down to work!

Brit Kit Party (8)

Brit Kit Party (9)

Brit Kit Party (10)

Brit Kit Party (15)

Brit Kit Party (12)

Brit Kit Party (14)

Brit Kit Party (16)

Most everyone had kids with them, but they played outside. A few came in and wanted to help though. And they could, they were easy projects!

Brit Kit Party (11)

Brit Kit Party (18)

I posted this picture on Instagram. It made 4 coasters, 6 fun straws, cupcake/whatever toppers with the lollipop sticks, and a cake bunting.

Brit Kit Party (17)

Here’s the people who stayed long enough for me to remember to take a picture holding up some of their projects. It was a really fun afternoon, and we’re trying to make this a new tradition!

4th Decor

Here’s my mason jars holding the straws, lollipop sticks, and cute bunting. I kinda love itSmile

This was tons of fun, so go plan a girl’s craft night/day/afternoon whatever!

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Monday, June 17, 2013


This is shocking! I’m actually posting something! Wanna know why I’ve been MIA?


Yeah, I’m expecting #3, it’s a boy, and it’s been rough. I have been nauseous and exhausted, so when I do have a minute of feeling good, I spend it with those cute girls. Not creating or blogging about it. But if you’ve been following along at Instagram (@ashleejuanita), here’s some of the little things we’ve been up to the past 5 months. (yeah, I’m halfway and still sick. Ugh)

Car washes

Rearranging furniture for baby and #2.

Tie wreath for Father’s Day

Mommy School, inspired by I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar.

Camping and fishing.

Finishing up preschool

Organizing/making bins for toys in thing 1 & 2’s room.

Eye checkups.

Sick kids.

More preschool stuff.

Visit Long Beach

Dance recitals


And displaying their works of art with washi tape frames. So I’ll try to post here and there, and hopefully when baby makes his way into the world for Halloween, but don’t count on much. This post took some energy Smile

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easy Elastic Waistband Darts

I have tall, skinny boys.  They’re built just like The Hubsters.  I can’t tell you how many busy Church/School mornings I have run downstairs to the sewing machine to hurry and take in a pair of pants.
Let me show you how fast and easy it can be. 
Easy Elastic Waistband Darts Tutorial From The Crafty Cousins
Keep in mind that this method can also be used on a regular waistband.
Crocky brought me these pants one morning and the waist was WAY too wide.  I was going to take them in using the method I used here, but I had pink thread on my serger.  That wasn’t going to work.
I made two darts in the waistband instead.  Find the center seam in the back of the pants.  Find the sides of the waistband.  You’re going to put your darts right in between the center seam and the side seam.  Like this:
easy elastic waistband darts (4)
See where the waistband puckers?  That’s where I sewed the darts.  Now do this to the other side, too.  You want them to match!  What is a dart?  Oh, silly me!  This is a dart:
easy elastic waistband darts (8)
See how I gradually sewed from the waistband to where the pockets would be?  Except these pants don’t have back pockets…
easy elastic waistband darts (9)
One dart…
easy elastic waistband darts (5)
…two darts!
easy elastic waistband darts (7)
…and this is what it should look like on the outside:
easy elastic waistband darts (11)
You can barely see those darts, and now your kid can keep his pants up!  That alteration took less than five minutes.  Awesome!
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Sew Loopy Scarf

This scarf is fun, fast, and easy to make!  What more could a girl ask for?
It’s cute, too!  :)
No sew loopy scarf by the Crafty Cousins
Start off with a tee shirt, scissors and some ribbon.
No sew loopy scarf by the Crafty Cousins (1)
No sew loopy scarf by the Crafty Cousins (2)
Cut off the hem, and cut the shirt (starting under the armpits) into one inch strips.
No sew loopy scarf by the Crafty Cousins (4)
Give all those loops a good stretch, and you’re done!  (Oh, I made a red one, too…)
Layer them and embellish the scarf however you want.
No sew loopy scarf by the Crafty Cousins (8)
With ribbon…
No sew loopy scarf by the Crafty Cousins (9)
With a stretched strip of tee shirt tied in a bow…
No sew loopy scarf by the Crafty Cousins (11)
Or with a fun fabric flower.
The possibilities are endless!  :)
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