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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tee Shirt Ringlet Scarf

This cute little scarf super easy to make, comfy, and it makes a great gift! 

tee shirt ringlet scarf (10)

Did I mention it’s “no-sew”?!  Anyone can do this!

tee shirt ringlet scarf (1)

All you need for this scarf is a pair of scissors and four different colored tee shirts.  You can get these from a thrift store, the clearance rack at a store, raid your own closet, or anything else.  I got these from the clearance rack at JCPenney for $2.00 a piece, since I am going to be gifting it for Christmas.  If you happen to be the one who receives this as a Christmas gift, act surprised, and forget that it only cost me $8.00.  Mkay?!  ;)

Remove all the tags from the inside of the shirt.  Every one of the shirts I used had a tag near the bottom of the shirt in one of the side seams.

tee shirt ringlet scarf (2)

Cut your shirt into eight strips from the armpits to the hem of the shirt.  Just eyeball it, they don’t have to be perfectly even.  Discard the hem.  Do this with the remaining shirts.

tee shirt ringlet scarf (3)

Take the back of the shirt and cut eight rectangles.  These are going to tie your loops together.  Repeat with the remaining shirts.

Take one of the eight strips you cut from the body of the tee shirt.  It should be just a big circle.  Stretch it out and make it as big as you can.

tee shirt ringlet scarf (4)

Take your stretched loop and wrap it around your hand several times until it makes an even loop.

tee shirt ringlet scarf (5)

Do this for the remaining loops.  Feel free to recruit your kids for this.  They’ll love it.  Here’s my little “helper”:

tee shirt ringlet scarf (7)

Okay, so he didn’t help much.  He just wanted to be held, but he sure is cute!  :)  (In my completely unbiased opinion…)

tee shirt ringlet scarf (6)

You should have 32 loops (or ringlets).  Something I noticed with these tee shirts, is that the white and pink stretched so much better than the peach and grey.  The white and pink shirts were thinner and stretchier.  It really doesn’t matter.  The peach and grey will give the scarf a different texture, but if you don’t want that, make sure all of your tee shirts are the same kind of knit.

tee shirt ringlet scarf (8)

Take two ringlets and tie them together with one of your rectangle ties from the back of the shirt.  Figure out your pattern and repeat with the remaining ringlets and ties. 

tee shirt ringlet scarf (9)

If you don’t want to arrange it into a pattern, that’s fine by me!

tee shirt ringlet scarf (10)

This cute, comfy scarf is ready to be worn.  Or gifted.  Or both.  It’s so fast and easy you can make as many as you want!  It’s also a great way to thin out your closet and start wearing those tee shirts that have just been hanging around collecting dust.

Now, go make one of your own, and send us pictures!  :)

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Bows & Brooches

This is really 3-4 posts in one, so enjoy! Do you have any little princesses in your life? Make some bows!

Supplies needed:

Supplies for Bows

Ribbon (satin &/or grosgrain), hot glue gun, candle/lighter, matches, dowel, scissors, alligator clips, feathers, rick-rack, buttons, gems, (anything else your little heart can dream of) satin, tulle, and a water bottle, apparently.

Here’s how to make a korker bow

First, choose your ribbon.


I might have a touch of OCD. You’ll never prove it… I’m making one with all sorts of pink today. Now, burn the edges (carefully!) with a candle or a lighter. I like the candle so it stays there, and I use it when I need it. Make sure you can reach the wick without injury…This makes it so your ribbon won’t fray.

Burn edges (1)

You have to be really careful with light colored ribbon so you don’t get burn/smoke marks. You don’t even need to put it in the flame, just the heat will melt it.

Now, grab a dowel to wrap the ribbon around. Make sure it will fit in your oven. I use a toaster oven, so my dowel is about 12” long. I use a 1/4” dowel. You can use bigger or smaller, it will just change the diameter of your korker. You also need some wooden clothespins to hold the ribbon in place on the dowel.

Making Korker Bows (12)

I’m using 1/8” wide satin ribbon in this picture. I’ll do it again with 1/4” grosgrain ribbon. When I do the smaller ribbon, I space it out on the dowel so it’s not so tight. Personal preference, do what you want!

Making Korker Bows (2)

Get your ribbon wet once it’s wrapped and secure.

Making Korker Bows (1)

Pop it in your oven, making sure to put it on a pan just so you don’t get lines or dirty stuff or whatever from your racks. Bake it at 200 for 20 minutes. I like the toaster because it’ll turn off so if I get distracted, I won’t ruin my ribbon!

Making Korker Bows (8)

Once it cools off, take off the clothespins…

Making Korker Bows (11)

Gently unwrap it off the dowel. If your dowel is smooth, it’ll slide off, otherwise you need to unwrap it by hand. Do the rest of your ribbons.

Making Korker Bows (6)

I cut mine to a 3-4” length once they’re curled, and burn the edges. Then, lay them on a piece of thread, doubled up, and then tie it all up, in the middle.

Making Korker Bows (5)

Tie a secure knot, cut the thread, and then put a short piece of ribbon around the middle and hot glue it down to cover the thread.

Making Korker Bows (4)

Now, you need to line an alligator clip to glue it to.

How to Line a Clip (2)

Glue some burned ribbon on the inside top of the clip.

How to Line a Clip (3)

Then, wrap it around the top and glue down. For the part you “pinch” together to open, there’s 2 ways you can put the ribbon on:

How to Line a Clip (5)

Loose and open OR

How to Line a Clip (1)

Tight inside the pinch area against the spring. Your call, I do both depending on my mood at the moment. After you finish that part, cut your ribbon so it ends just before the double prong opening on the bottom, burn the edge, and glue it down. If you so desire, you can go to the end of the clip, but I find it harder to put it in hair when it’s got ribbon there. Again, your call.

Then, all that’s left is glue your korker (on the bottom of the ribbon around the middle) onto the lined clip. All done!

Next bow:

This I call the loopy flower. Call it whatever you want! To make this, line a clip like above. Cut 8 pieces of 2.5-4” pieces of 1/8” wide satin ribbon. Make all 8 the same length, but choose your length depending on how big/loopy you want the flower. Burn all the edges, and start gluing it to the clip.

Loopy Flower Bow (6)

Make a loop with one, and glue it in the middle of the clip, then do a second one right across from it. All ends are in the middle…Keep going around, making it into an “x” shape now.

Loopy Flower Bow (7)

My pieces are 4”, and it’s not my favorite, but oh well. It’s not for me anyway! Finish the petals by filling in the middle gaps left.

Loopy Flower Bow (9)Loopy Flower Bow (1)Loopy Flower Bow (3)

Now, the big decision. What do you put in the middle? A circle button? A sparkly gem? A flower? I took awhile to decide and finally did both!

Loopy Flower Bow (2)

Some variations are different colored petals, layering different sized flowers, or different middles. Here’s another one I’ve made….

Loopy Flower Bow (4)

It’s one of my favorite ones!

Tulle bow:

This is one I made up as I went. First, get your tulle in your color you want. Make a loop as big/fluffy as you want the base of your bow to be. Tie thread around the middle, perhaps using a needle to make sure you get a few layers in the knot.Tulle Bows (2)

The next layer is ribbon. I used a 1/2” wide black grosgrain ribbon, but I wanted the ends to have a little pizazz. I folded it in half, cut out a little “V”, and melted the edges while still folded.

Make a v cut (2)

Make sure to pull apart the ribbon before it melts together. You just want to keep the ends from fraying…

Make a v cut (3)

Make a v cut (1)

Open it up, and wa-la!

Tulle Bows (3)

Tie that onto the tulle after it’s the thickness/fluffiness you want in the loop. At this point in time, it’s kind of your call what you put on it next. I chose to go simple and just put a scrap piece of korker in white on top, then a button.

Tulle Bows (1)

Yeah, this is a scrap bag of little pieces of ribbon, but I use it! I’m not a hoarder, or crazy!!! See the little korker? Yeah, that finished off my bow.

Making Bows (44)

You could also put feathers on, rick rack (also burning the edges), silk flowers, gems, etc. Keep laying stuff on top until you get the look you want! And then hurry and glue it down! See the purple flower? It’s the idea of the loopy bow, with 6 shorter petals, and thicker ribbon.

I didn’t take a picture of the finished bow. Weird. Here, just a minute. Okay. Here it is. Don’t mind the different lighting…

Tulle Bow (1)

Tulle Bow (2)

So I used 3 short pieces of white korker, then made a mini-loopy flower (as shown above) with 4 petals, then finished it off with a hot pink button. Hot glue that on a lined clip, and you’ve got another bow!

Final bow/brooch:

Have you seen the magic that is satin? Cut a circle (it doesn’t have to be perfect and has more character if it isn’t!)

Satin Flowers (4)

Burn the edges to make it curl a bit…this may take practice to get the look you want.

Satin Flowers (5)

Cut a bunch of various sizes, big to little, in satin and tulle, if desired, and burn the edges of the satin.

Satin Flowers (6)

Glue the satin from big to small to make a pretty flower. Put layers of tulle between, if’n you wanna. (but don’t touch the hot glue through the tulle, use a piece of satin for the next layer to push it down. Ouch!)

Satin Flowers (8)

It’s really hard to tell, but there is gray tulle between each layer. Make the flower as full or big as you want. Hint: when you get to the smallest middle pieces of circles, use tweezers to hold it and melt the edges. Just sayin’

Making Bows (32)

On the back, I like to cut a little piece of ribbon, melt the edges, and then hot glue it on so there’s a slit to put either a clip or a brooch pin through, depending on my mood that day.

Satin Flowers (10)

Satin Flowers (11)

It usually matches better, but take what you can get, right? So just slide it on a clip, brooch pin, or even a necklace, and make a bunch to match your (and your daughter’s) outfits!

Satin Flowers (1)Making Bows (1)

Hopefully these made sense! Let me know if something isn’t clear or you want to learn a different bow! Enjoy! Get cracking on fun bows and brooches!

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