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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Refashion Show

A long, long, long time ago, I organized a “Refashion Show” at my church.  I should have blogged about it before now…
…hanging my head in shame…
But, I’ll share what we did now and you can forgive me later!  :)
I picked up a bunch of stuff at a local thrift store, and I handed it to several ladies in my neighborhood. 
Here are the fun ways they refashioned them:
This was refashioned into a cute vest and a headband with a flower.  I do not know where the picture of the finished product went.  Sadness…
This awesome “grandma nightgown” still had the original tags on it:
I refashioned it into this fun skirt:
It’s cute AND comfy!  The tutorial will come later…
This silky “grandma-shirt” was refashioned into a cute skirt-purse!
…complete with pockets!
This GIGANTIC dress was refashioned into a “Mom and Me” dress set.
So, so cute!
This little boy’s dress shirt was refashioned into a toddler girl’s dress.
It looks lots cuter with a pink belt and white leggings….  I did this one, too.  I’ll post a tutorial on it later.
I don’t know where the before picture went for this one, but what started out as a pair of fuzzy, brown, toddler-sized pants ended up as a monster pillow!
Seriously.  How cute is that?!
A BIG THANK YOU to all the awesome ladies who participated in the challenge!  You have fabulous imaginations!
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clip-on Tie Repair

I have five boys and a lot of ties.
Zipper ties are great, but not durable.
Clip on ties hurt their chests. (we fixed that here, though!)
Real ties don't stay tied when you play with them.
My boys get bored in Church and play with their ties.
We have a lot of broken ties.
Repair a broken clip on tie.  Tips from the Crafty Cousins (1)
The solution?
Reshape them into a tie--sew them into place and loop them through the top with elastic!
Repair a broken clip on tie.  Tips from the Crafty Cousins (2)
They won't hurt their chest and last longer than a zipper tie.
If the elastic breaks, just replace it.  Easy peasy.
Repair a broken clip on tie.  Tips from the Crafty Cousins (3) 
It looks just as good, especially if you can pull a face like this one. He was not happy to be wearing his Church clothes on a Tuesday. Poor guy!
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Okay today I don’t have an outfit so much to show you, but more accessories. I heart accessories. A girl can never have too many, right? Once upon a time, I got lots of crazy jewelry from my aunt. She found it at a yard sale. Bags and bags of clip on earrings, brooches, necklaces, you name it.
Costume Jewelry
Well, I looked through that stash the other day, and found some stuff I thought was awesome, but not as is.
New Jewelry (1)
Look at those yellow earrings. Aren’t they fantastic? I decided to take them off their clip on back and put them on “real” earrings. Done. New piece of jewelry. See the pearl cluster and the purple leaf-y thing? Those were earrings. Missing their mates. They’re huge too, so that seems a little weird on someone’s ears. So the pearls became a ring glued onto a ring blank,  and the purple leaf thing became a brooch with a brooch pin glued on the back. Easy peasy. By the way, for some jewelry, I’ll use my hot glue gun. For others, I’ll use E-6000 glue. See that turquoise rectangle? It was a cuff link. I  don’t need those, and my husband doesn’t have any cuff shirts, so I broke off the cuff part and glued it onto a ring blank. (which was actually an old, flat ring that I got ears ago in the 25 cent machine). Finally, the arrow necklace was on a piece of black wire type stuff, which was all bent out of shape, so I took it off that and put it on a chain.
New Jewelry (3)
There you can see the backs of the rings. I love getting new jewelry, for free!! Oh, and the brooches that I’ve found, you can pin those onto a few necklaces and get a look like this:



or pin them onto a scarf and make your own infinity scarf. Nice!


Yay! Downton Abbey!! Hopefully I’ll finish the season finale today!! Maybe while refashioning some more jewelry…Smile Have a good one!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Toddler Underwear from a Tee Shirt

Ashlee interrupting you really quick
K, how cute are these pick a boo lace socks? I just bought 1 of each (turquoise, pink, yellow and gray) for $8!! Wooohooo!! Head over to Pick Your Plum now!!! Anyway, back to Nat!

I said I wasn’t going to post this.  I don’t want you thinking I’m too crazy, but we’re past that point, right?!  You all know what a cheapskate I am!
So, without further ado, here’s my underwear tutorial!
toddler underwear from a tee shirt
A few months ago, I got about a million tee shirts off the clearance rack at Wal-Mart for $1.00.  Score!
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (11)
I’ve refashioned a lot of them, but I've also had my boys wear some of them.  I love cheap shirts, and if my kiddos ruin their shirts, who cares?!  It cost a dollar!
Moving right along, one day, Monkey told me that he wanted to wear “big boy undies.”  I didn’t have any underwear in his size, so I did what any cheapskate good mother would do; I whipped up a few pairs for him.
I started off by making a pattern from freezer paper by using a Onesie as a guide.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (2)
Cut the Onesie where the waistband of the underwear would be:
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (3)
Cut the side seams and open it up.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (4)
Lay it on some freezer paper and trace it.  Trace it a bit bigger for seam allowances.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (7)
Draw a curve where the snaps meet the front of the Onesie.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (8)
Cut out the pattern.  Cut out the pieces.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (12)
I was able to cut four pieces at one time by folding the shirt in half.  The only problem with this is that the undies now stretch the wrong way….   I should have folded the shirt the OTHER way.  Oh well…
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (14)
Now you need to cut the waistband, the legs, and the faux fly from a contrasting fabric.  I used four different colors of knit from my stash. 
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (26)
You’re going to have to measure your pattern to determine the length of the pieces you’ll need.  The waistband needs to be a little more than 2x longer than the top (or bottom) of the undies.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (25)
The waistband I cut was 3 1/2” wide.  The legs were 1 1/2”, and the fly pieces were 1”.  We’re going to fold all these pieces in half.  That’s why they’re cut wider.  Moving right along…
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (30)
Press all the pieces in half lengthwise. 
Now, take the waistband, unfold the pressed edge, line the sides up and sew them together.  Fold the pressed edge back over.  You should now have a circular waistband.  The pressed edge is the top of the waistband.  See that seam?  That’s what you just sewed. 
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (36)
Now, measure your victim’s waist and cut some elastic the same length.  Sew the ends together.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (37)
Wrap the waistband around the elastic.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (38)
Fold the waistband back over and sew the elastic into place on both sides of the seam.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (39)
Now, sew around the entire waistband as close to the elastic as you can.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (40)
Grab one of the main underwear pieces and line up your “faux fly” on the front and sew it into place.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (43)
Why the “faux fly” you might wonder?  Because Monkey is two, and won’t need the real fly until he is much older.  That’s why!  ;)
Next, take the leg pieces and line them up on the “legs” of the undies with all the raw edges together.  The pressed edge of the leg lining is going to be the outside of the legs.  Sew into place.  Do this for both legs.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (44)
Serge the raw edges; or don’t.  It’s knit, so it won’t fray.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (45)
Now, turn that serged or raw edge under and stitch over the top of it to hold it into place.  You don’t want the legs of the undies flipping out the wrong way.  Lengthen your stitch so it stretches better.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (46)
Fold the undies in half with the right sides together.  Make sure your side seams are lined up.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (48)
Sew the sides together and serge the raw edges.  (Or don’t…)
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (49)
Now take the waistband and lower it inside the top of the undies with the raw edges lined up with the raw edge of the undies.  Make sure your waistband seam is in the back of the undies.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (50)
Pin the waistband to the undies and sew into place.  Serge or zig-zag the raw edges.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (51)
Flip the serged/zig-zagged edge down and stitch into place with a lengthened stitch.
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (52)
…and you’re done! 
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (52)
Now make as many pairs of toddler undies as you can!
toddler underwear from a tee shirt (53)
Four pairs of toddler underwear for $1.00…not bad, eh?!
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P.S.  These would be easy to make for a girl, too.  Just skip the “faux fly” step and use cute, girly fabric!  :)
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