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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Refashion Show

A long, long, long time ago, I organized a “Refashion Show” at my church.  I should have blogged about it before now…
…hanging my head in shame…
But, I’ll share what we did now and you can forgive me later!  :)
I picked up a bunch of stuff at a local thrift store, and I handed it to several ladies in my neighborhood. 
Here are the fun ways they refashioned them:
This was refashioned into a cute vest and a headband with a flower.  I do not know where the picture of the finished product went.  Sadness…
This awesome “grandma nightgown” still had the original tags on it:
I refashioned it into this fun skirt:
It’s cute AND comfy!  The tutorial will come later…
This silky “grandma-shirt” was refashioned into a cute skirt-purse!
…complete with pockets!
This GIGANTIC dress was refashioned into a “Mom and Me” dress set.
So, so cute!
This little boy’s dress shirt was refashioned into a toddler girl’s dress.
It looks lots cuter with a pink belt and white leggings….  I did this one, too.  I’ll post a tutorial on it later.
I don’t know where the before picture went for this one, but what started out as a pair of fuzzy, brown, toddler-sized pants ended up as a monster pillow!
Seriously.  How cute is that?!
A BIG THANK YOU to all the awesome ladies who participated in the challenge!  You have fabulous imaginations!
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  1. You ladies have been very busy! My favourite is the man's shirt to little girl's dress :-)


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