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Monday, January 16, 2012

But I don’t want to be a pirate!

Ruffles are everywhere, right?



And of course, clothing.

I get hand-me-downs from a lot of people. Recently I got a few bags of clothes from my aunt. 3 of the shirts were the same exact thing! I’m working on something with those, but for now, here’s 2 other shirts she passed along.

Ruffle Shirt (4)

White shirts are always nice, because they’re so neutral. You can dye them if you get the urge, or, I don’t know, cut them apart and make something else? Don’t mind if I do.

Ruffle Shirt (5)

First, I decided which shirt would be the base, (meaning I wouldn’t destroy it), and which would be the scraps. I cut the scrap shirt apart at the seams, and cut off the seams and sleeves. Now, I have 2 pieces, front and back.

I laid out the front, since it had a V-neck, and laid down a 5” wide ruler to measure and see how well it would work for cutting strips. Note: those rulers will snap if you kneel on them. *sigh*

Ruffle Shirt (7)

I lined up the 45 degree line on the the bottom, (or the top left in this picture), and laid them by each other to get an idea of how the strips would work.

Ruffle Shirt (8)

Perfect! I’d get 4 across the front!

Ruffle Shirt (9)

I cut the shirt (front and back) into 5 inch strips, on the bias.

Ruffle Shirt (10)

Then, to get the ruffle effect, I freehanded cut them in half so they were about 2 1/2” wavy strips.

Ruffle Shirt (11)

Then, I laid all the strips on my base shirt, at angles (because that’s the look I decided I wanted), and figured out which pieces were the right pieces where.

Ruffle Shirt (12)

Since I didn’t have a fabric marker, I used pins to mark where all the strips went (it would have worked brilliantly too if my 3 year old hadn’t decided to pick it up and throw it across the room. Just because)

Ruffle Shirt (13)

I took the strips and sewed a basting stitch at 1/4 inches from the straight edge.

Ruffle Shirt (14)

I laid all the gathered ruffle-y pieces on my shirt again and made sure it worked, pinning things down.

Ruffle Shirt (15)

And then I sewed all the strips down. Gathering all the strips and sewing them all on took a bit of time. This is really easy to make, but it will take time. Be warned!

Ruffle Shirt (16)

Then I trimmed all the corners so everything looked right.

Ruffle Shirt (17)

Pulled all the basting threads out…

Ruffle Shirt (27)

And voila! I have a ruffle shirt to go with some of my newly recreated cardigans!

Ruffle Shirt (28)

I haven’t decided, but I think I will end up taking the lace stuff of the neck part. What do you think?

I promise I’ll do something besides refashioning soon, I just literally have bags of clothes from people, and most all of my other projects are in Idaho, not moved down yet. Bear with me, please? Or send me a request and I’ll make something else!

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  1. great job! I'm not a huge fan of ruffles, but this cute and doable!

  2. I love to refashion! thanks for sharing yours in the Make it monday link up party!

    I'll be sharing on the Brassy Apple FB wall! :)

  3. I love how this shirt came out!! Thanks for the tutorial and TFS!! I'm stopping by from Today's Creative Blog linky party and your newest follower here and on Pinterest.

    Here is what I shared this week:

  4. I'm a huge Seinfeld fan and that's one of my favourite episodes. This is the prettiest pirate shirt I've ever seen! I have a weekly linky party called "Thriving on Thursdays" here in Australia where I feature recipes, crafts, make up tips, decluttering and organising advice, anything goes really. I'd love it if you could link this idea up. I know my friends would love it!

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  5. This is a beautiful shirt! I want one just like it :)

  6. I LOOOOVE this! I saw a shirt like this and wanted one so bad! Thanks for sharing this awesome tute. I pinned it for the future!

    If you're interested, we're hosting our first ever link up party. Please stop by and link up!

  7. Uh-huh, I pretty much love this! It's true! I'd be so pumped if you'd come and link this (and any other projects you'd like to show off) to the Head to Head Showdown, going on right now at ~Jen

  8. Okay... I laughed out loud at your title. My husband and I love that quote. And the shirt is awesome! Next, will you be making a puffy shirt? ;)

  9. This just turned out fabulous! I'd love to have a shirt like this. I've always been afraid to sew with anything stretchy, but I'm actually working on a cardigan today, (just taking a lunch break right now). If all goes well with my cardigan, I might try something like this next! (and wear it under my new cardigan). Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. This is super cool! I can't wait to try this!

  11. Wow! What a great re-do! So, do you think it would work to use elastic thread in your bobbin instead of gathering the ruffles? Hmmm....

  12. I love your tshirt refashion! I found you on pinterest and have featured you on my Pinterest Picks! I would love for you to stop by and grab a featured button - you deserve it! If for any reason you would like me to remove this feature just let me know. Thanks for sharing!


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