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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Dress; So Many Possibilities!!

I’ve been feelin’ kinda frumpy lately.  My go-to outfit is a tee shirt and jeans with my running shoes.  I usually pair it with a hoodie.  Don’t get me wrong, these are usually cute, fitted shirts with cute hoodies, but still…ho, hum…

So, when Sunday rolls around, I am excited to get dressed up for Church.  Dress me up and call me a girl!  I’ve been eyeballing a few dresses on Shabby Apple and instantly fell in love with this one:

shabby apple dress (1)

It is called Atlantic Fog, and it is on sale for $42.00.  They’re having a 20% off sitewide sale.  Just enter in NEWYEAR in the promo box at checkout.  This dress was a whopping $33.60.  Even better!  Shipping was reasonable, and I ordered it on Tuesday night and had it in my hands on Saturday morning.  Nice.

shabby apple dress (14)

The website said to order this dress a size smaller than you normally would.  I didn’t, and wished I would have.  It’s a little big, but I like the longer length. 

shabby apple dress (3)

See?  It kinda hangs off me.  So, to add some shape, I added a “belt.”

shabby apple dress (4)

Kinda hard to see on my busy quilt, but that is just a stretched out strip of tee shirt.  I did it just how I did the tee shirt ringlet scarf.  Then I wrapped it around myself twice.  Like so:

shabby apple dress (5)

Ahhh…much better.  Then I added a cardigan and a hounds tooth scarf and couldn’t decide…

shabby apple dress (6)

…over the cardigan…

shabby apple dress (7)

…or under?!  Either way, I loved it.  It was at this point I realized I matched my bedroom!  Ha!  I loaded my kidlets into the car and headed off to Church. 

Ashlee inspired me with her sweater refashions.  I’ve got a black cardigan that I loved when I was pregnant.  It isn’t a maternity sweater, but it worked with the baby bulge.  Not pregnant; it just looks frumpy.  The sleeves were all wrong, too.

sweater refashion 1

So, I took it in and shortened the sleeves.

sweater refashion 2

With my excess fabric, I made some little flowers…

sweater refashion 3

…which are completely removable.

sweater refashion 5

I tried it out with my new dress.

shabby apple dress (8)

I put the flowers on my “belt,” added a necklace and tall boots.  Love it!  See how different the same dress can look?

shabby apple dress (7)shabby apple dress (8)

That got me thinking about all the belt supplies I inherited from Hubby’s Grandma.

shabby apple dress (9)

Then the wheels in my head started turning…

shabby apple dress (11)

I can do this!

shabby apple dress (12)

And this!  With this $0.29 vintage belt package!

shabby apple dress (10)

And my absolute favorite?!

shabby apple dress (13)

Love it!

How cute would this dress be with a black cardigan and a thin yellow belt like one of these?

Oooh!  Or this one?

Or a big red one?

You could wear this dress to Church every Sunday of the year and never wear it the same way twice!  Brilliant!  I am so glad I bought this dress.  The possibilities are endless!  If you want one, hurry and buy it while they’re having their sale!

shabby apple dress (1)

You won’t regret it! 

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  1. LOVE your combos :) and i, too, got a dress from shabby apple just a week ago. also ignored the 'should buy in one size smaller' warning because i NEVER fit into smalls, ever! and when the medium arrived, it was BIG... womp womp womp. i'll try it with belts though! p.s. didn't you love the tag it came with?

  2. ahahaha, i know... right? some bloggers ;P i WISH that were me. but one little problem: i'm asian. ahahahahah! anyways, i'll have to give washing it in hot water to shrink a little. i do love the color though :) thanks for swinging by!

  3. fun! I have a longer version of this dress from Shabby apple and I love to change it up too!

    thanks for linking up to Make it MOnday! :)

  4. very creative! Maybe the little one was watching you through a crack in the door and was inspired to try some photo taking of his own :)

  5. I love how you embellished the dress! It looks great!

  6. Love all the different ideas!

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