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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Last Sweater, Third Way

K fair warning. This sweater will be less pictures than the other ones. It’s the same kind of ideas for some parts of it, so I’ll direct you to the orange or purple sweater when needed. Also, I did this while on “vacation”. I left my hubby a few days early for Thanksgiving at my parents, and worked on this at points during those days down there. So I also only had my phone for pictures, so apologies. Let’s get into it, right?

I had seen a sweater sleeve that looked like this. I thought that was cool, so I snapped a picture with my phone (don’t worry, I asked her! what, you think I’m some sort of freaky stalker?!)

Sweater sleeve idea

I knew I didn’t have enough buttons the right color, and wanted to try it without buttons. So I took my sweater

Gray Sweater (1)

Probably my favorite, color wise. I took a seam gauge and pinned at different points, down the middle top of the sleeve. I think they ended the first point was 1 1/2” from the shoulder seam, they were about a 1/2” deep, and 1” apart. What does that mean? Let me draw up a quick sketch for ya.

Sweater marking

Everywhere there is a line, I had a pin to mark that distance. Then, I folded the 2 pins together to meet, and sewed along that line on the inside.

folding sweater

Comprehende?This picture is before sewing, so the 2 pins are folded together, with another pin holding it so I can sew along those lines.

Gray Sweater (3)

Okay, so then I hand-stitched them in place. These are new pictures, after it’s finished, so bear with me…

Gray Sweater Refashion (1)

Okay, the seam on the left is the shoulder seam, the cuff is down on the right. It’s really hard to tell, since I used matching thread (duh, right?! well, wait and see the project I just finished!), but I just went through the 2 layers and sewed the little gathers. Here’s a little photo shop goodness to clarify:

The black lines are where I did little stitches. The pink is where the thread carried from point A to point B to finish. Does that help clarify things?

Gray Sweater Finished (4) copy

After I got the sleeve how I liked it, that’s when I cut off the sleeve to where I wanted it. This one was the shortest sleeve of all, and I wanted to make sure it was even, so I waited til after I did my gathers. I used a rotary board & ruler to make sure I got it how I wanted it, then I used the first sleeve I cut to line up the other one to match. I cut off the cuff, like I did here:

Sew a baste stitch around the bottom of your sleeve, about where you’ll be putting the cuff, so if you’re doing a 1/2” seam, sew a 5/8” gathering/baste stitch. I did 1/4” seam allowance.

And just for fun, I decided to try pressing it half and then putting it on. so I did. It made it a bit more tight, but I don’t mind, so try it on before you do it.

Gray Sweater Refashion (4)

Pin it onto your sleeve, matching your underarm seam, and center of the top, and gather in the stitches as needed, pinning in place as you go.

I just sewed it in with a wide, shorter zigzag, instead of a serger, and then turned it right side out and pressed.

Gray Sweater Refashion (2)


Gray Sweater Finished (6)

I finished it and wore it for Thanksgiving dinner!

Gray Sweater Finished (1)

I didn’t take this sweater in on the sides like I did the orange and purple ones, but I may in the future…

Just to review: I did the different sleeve lengths, styles, and cuff-age. Here they are:

All 3

Sweater Sleeves (2)

The longest (approx. to the elbow), with a full cuff purple:

Sweater Sleeves (1)

Medium (about mid upper arm), with a double-stitched hem and button tab, orange: (I think that color just likes to look blurry, this was the best I could find of the ones I took?!?!)

Sweater Sleeves (5)

And the shortest, with a half size cuff and gathers, gray:

Sweater Sleeves (4)

Which sweater was your favorite? Are you sick of refashions yet? {Please say no, I have about 3 other projects finished/almost done that are refashions!}

I got another cardigan from my aunt, so I need to come up with another style. Email me any ideas you have! Please! 2craftycousins at gmail dot com

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