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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nursery Redo: Part 3

Who’s ready for the last installment of this nursery redo?

I am!

Who’s ready for their baby to sleep in a big boy bed?

I’m not!!

But he is, so we will proceed…and this is just a curtain refashion.  And he’s been sleeping in his bed for a while now, and I’m still not okay with it. 


Okay.  This is what Monkey’s curtains looked like:

nursery redo (16)

Wow.  It’s hard to take pictures of a window.  Sorry.  So, as you can(not) see, the curtains are just plain and blue.

Now let’s look at Monkey’s crib skirt:

nursery redo (5)

Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Uh, I think so, Brain, but this time you wear the tutu.

My thoughts exactly.  We can spruce up the hum-drum curtains with the crib skirt!

I cut the edges off of the crib skirt and serged the edges.  Then I gathered them at the tops and sewed them to the top of the curtains. 

nursery redo (34)

I took the two shorter sides of the crib skirt and folded/sewed them into tie backs for the curtains.

nursery redo (35)

They’re even reversible!

nursery redo (38)

So easy.

Wanna see how it all turned out?

nursery redo (30)

Ta-Da!  I love the color that it added to the boring curtains.

This concluded Monkey’s nursery redo. 

Ready for a recap?

We went from this:


To this:

nursery redo (24)

…and this:

nursery redo (31)

The room décor stayed the same.  Monkey’s toy box now sits where the crib used to. 

Wanna know what I loved most about this bedroom redo?!

It didn’t cost a dime!

My favorite kind of project!  :)

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  1. These are fun! Your pinky and the brain reference cracked me up! "I think so brain...but if we called them sad meals, kids wouldn't buy them!"


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