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Monday, January 21, 2013

Fancy Bedspread

How many of you remember the bedspread I made last year for my baby?

This one?
And do you remember my oldest daughter’s list of demands for her new Fancy room?
Fancy Nancy Room
Well, she decided that her bedspread wasn’t fancy enough. To refresh your memory, I had made it from some of the 36+ baby blankets we got when she was born.
Flannel Bed
Okay? So she told me she wanted a bedspread like her sisters, but not pink. Of course it was purple. So, I used a queen sheet for the base, and pulled out fabric to make me some ruffles. We went from a dark purple (but we call it violet because that sounds fancy) to turquoise (again, fancy), to white. Basically, I just cut strips, anywhere from 5” to 8” thick, depending on what gave me the best, longest, strip. Yes I did do some math. Your teachers were right. You do use it. Then, when I had everything cut and sewn into long strips, I ironed a 1/4” hem all around. Then sewed around 3 of the 4 sides, leaving the one that was to be sewn onto the sheet open. Then I laid them all on the floor with the sheet spread out, and started drawing lines across the sheet where the strips would go. I overlapped the strips by at least 1”. And then I started sewing my strips onto the lines, pinning in 1/8s as I went.
Ruffle Bedspread (1)
I laid it over my ironing board to pin on the next piece, then sewed it.
Ruffle Bedspread (4)
That’d be a pretty cool ironing board, don’t you think?
By the way, when I got up to the the last 2 rows, I remembered I had used a ruffling foot on #2’s bed. Did I on this one? Nope! I’m special like that. It took A LONG TIME! But oh well. Princess #1 loves it.
I posted this on Instagram (@ashleejuanita if you want to follow along) when I finished.
Ruffle Bedspread (3)
With her new purple sparkle pillow.
Ruffle Bedspread (2)
One more thing checked off the fancy room list!
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