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Monday, February 20, 2012

Everyday I’m Ruff-le-in’

First, I have to share this video. It just makes me so happy! I love Newsies Smile It just goes to show that some people have too much time on their hands, but that makes the rest of us happy!
By the way, I’m so excited, my red dress from last week won on The CSI Project! Woohoo! I updated a picture on it too if you wanna go see!
Okay, now moving on, I’ve finally finished my project that I’m going to enter into the Sew-vivor contest

You may remember a few weeks ago when I said I was starting a project and this was your clue…
Making Pillow Forms (3)
That was this twin duvet cover
That I bought at Target…Let’s just see that price tag
Duvet Tag
$7.48 on clearance. Gotta love that! I had this idea of using a twin sheet set, but I couldn’t find any that were white, cotton, and under $10. That was my budget. So I went with this Target duvet that was a cotton/poly blend, and made it work. First, I spent a bit of time unpicking the sides, while watching movies/TV in the evenings. Then, I cut one side to be the bottom of my bedspread (this is a crib/toddler size bed, that’s why I used a twin. If I were doing bigger, I’d do the next size up like a full for a twin), pressed the sides in 1/2”, and finished around the edges with a zigzag stitch.
Base of bedspread (2)
and cut the other side into strips (mine were 7 1/2” wide so the finished strip would be around 6 1/2”) I pressed in the sides, top and bottom of all the strips 1/2”
Making Pillow Forms (5)
I sewed the short sides and one long end of the strips with a regular stitch (so one long side isn’t finished). Now, I knew I’d be dyeing, so I only sewed 2 with white thread, and the rest were either pink or brown. I also made all the pillow cases I wanted so I could dye them at the same time. I don’t really have pictures of them, except the one I didn’t dye. I used the pillow sham
Making Pillow Forms (2)
that came with the duvet cover and turned it into a ruffle/pleated pillow. I cut it into pieces like so
Making Pillow Forms (4)
and used the idea of this pin (source unknown, I guess it’s a private blog?)

which kind of worked, but didn’t…so I did a more pleated look, like so.
Finished Bed & Pillows (10)
The stitches in the middle are just a basting stitch because the pleats didn’t want to stay, so I basted over them, I may take them out, or I may leave them…Who knows?! Anyway, for my other pillows, I did one out of the fabric pocket thing the duvet came from (why not, it’s already a pillow shape!) and just added Velcro to help it stay closed. After it was dyed, I added big ric rac to make it fun
Finished Bed & Pillows (8)
The other 2 pillows were just squares I made, and I used the buttons/button holes at the bottom of the duvet to be the closure behind the pillows.
Now, you wanna know my uber cheap (but a little more time consuming) trick to cheap pillows? Wal-Mart (or Target). I went and bought the standard pillow, and it’s $2.50.
 Making Pillow Forms (6)
I cut it in half
Making Pillow Forms (1)
and sewed one end close, and that was the stuffing for my white pleated pillow. I made forms the size I wanted out of the duvet cover (which if you just wanted to stuff your pillows and not ever worry about changing them, you can do that too) and sewed the pillow forms, and my pillow cases.
Okay, now I  got to the fun part…Dyeing! Go here for some of my past tips…Anyway, Rit has this great resource on their website to help you figure out the color you want. It’s their color dyeing chart. I used these 2 colors to make my pink colors.
Fuchsia and Rose Pink. The brown was a bit more tricky. I bought some dark brown dye, and dyed all my brown things, but it came out as this weird brownish-lavender-gray color. Not what I wanted. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture, but it was bad. So I gathered my dyes
and between their color chart and my mad-scientist skills, I got a much better brown! I was shooting for dark/milk chocolate, and I think I got it. Next, I ordered my ruffle foot off eBay, and accidently sent it to an address we haven’t been at for 2 years. So I had to wait even longer for it to forward. *sigh* I finally got it, and on Saturday, I got rufflin! I used Craftaholic’s Anonymous tutorial here on using a ruffler foot, and it helped a lot! It was a bit of trial and error, but it was fun, and once I got the hang of it, I had ruffles coming out my butt! Okay, not really, that’d be weird, but look at the crazy-ness!
Sewing Ruffles
Sorry, getting ahead of myself. I drew the lines of where the ruffles should go on my base piece,
Base of bedspread (1)
and then did my best to keep a straight line while using the new crazy foot!
Isn’t that brown nice? And the pink? That pink and brown paisley-type fabric is actually upholstery fabric from Home Fabrics. They give you sample cuts on Fridays, and that was one I had gotten a long time ago, and it wasn’t quite as wide as the rest of my strips, but I thought it looked good!
Okay, now, for the pillows, these are what I did. I bought a mystery box off Pick Your Plum awhile ago, and here’s the fun goodies it had:
Pick Your Plum
For $30. I used the ric rac to do the pillow I showed you before, and this pillow,
Finished Bed & Pillows (9)
I got the idea from that off U-create, which highlighted it from Flamingo Toes. The last pillow I did was using a tutorial from Sew Dang Cute for her frayed zig zag pillow.
Finished Bed & Pillows (7)
That pink and brown fabric and some white snowflakey fabric were from Wal-Mart remnant bins. See the fabrics after dyeing:
Finished Bed & Pillows (13) copy
I loved that the little snowflake design gave it a cool look! Okay, here’s my baby’s bed before this bedspread
Crib Before (1)
Crib Before (2)
Crib Before (3)
No bedding except for her blankets. Now, I’m not quite ready for the change of the crib to a daybed toddler bed, but when I am, I’ve got this cute bedding!
Finished Bed & Pillows (3)
Finished Bed & Pillows (4)
With her favorite blanket…
Finished Bed & Pillows (1)
Finished Bed & Pillows (11)
Finished Bed & Pillows (12)
Finished Bed & Pillows (5) copy
What do you think? Any questions? Let me know!
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  1. Wow that's just beautiful! I love all the shades of pink and the ruffles, nicely done!

  2. Very cute! I'm a huge fan of anything pink! Great job!

  3. It's very cute! The patterns along with the solids are so pretty!

  4. Great pillows. I love your ruffly bedspread, very anthroplogie!

  5. I would love it if you linked up at my party going on now! (It's my very first one!!)


  6. How fun and creative and thrifty too! Impressive!


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