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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Owl Baby Shower

My super cute sister in law is pregnant with her first. It’s kind of embarrassing, actually. Here she is, cute, small enough to still wear her own jeans (with the button undone, mind you), and just gorgeous as ever. Then there’s me when I get pregnant. I can’t wear my own pants from about 2 months on. Lame. But, she’s cute, and ever since I did my owls for my girls, she’s wanted them. She’s doing her baby girls room in owls, in pink, gray and white. So, when we knew she was pregnant, I started hoarding cute owls from the thrift store. I collected 5 over a few months time.
Owls (2)
Cute, right? So I spray painted them in her room’s colors, and displayed them at the baby shower we threw at my mom’s house last month.
Chalkboard (3)Owls (3)Owls (5)Owls (4)
Aren’t they so cute? I also made her a pillow from scraps from making her one of these:

My stuffed animal storage. I made her one in fabric she chose, and put on a zipper. She’s going to stuff it to use as an ottoman, and then when baby is older and has buttloads of crap, she’ll stuff it with toys. Brilliant. So back to the pillow. I made this cuties from Make It Love it, from Bernina.
I posted this dude on Instagram, and he’s keeping an eye on the presents. He’s made out of different soft fabrics, and some textured fabrics, like corduroy. You may have noticed the cute chalkboard above too? That was this from the thrift store:
Chalkboard (2)
It was 75 cents, I think. I spray painted it pink with all the owls.
Chalkboard (4)
Then cut some chalkboard vinyl to size and glued it in. I couldn’t find my chalkboard paint.
Chalkboard (1)
Then wrote a happy sign to welcome people to the brunch party!
And now for the awesomest décor part….The cake!
Diaper Cake (2)
Well, diaper cake. Alyssa makes diaper cakes, trikes, and motorcycles for all her friends, so I made her one. I used this tutorial here to get started.
Diaper Cake (1)
Then, I decorated the crap out of it with bows. I made 16+ bows. Here’s the pictures of bows, up close…
Diaper Cake (12)
Those little cuties were some aluminum flowers I got from The Plaid Barn. And oh my irony, look at what today’s deal is!

Owl earrings! Cute!!! Anyway, back to the bows.
Diaper Cake (14)
I layered some fabric flowers I found in the scrapbooking aisle a few years back, and then added a gem.
Diaper Cake (15)Diaper Cake (16)
Some of my favorite bows the girls had, so I just copied them. For more bow tutorials, go here. I made a ton last year and showed you how!
Diaper Cake (18)Diaper Cake (17)
The black one on the right is a yo-yo flower like Natalie made here, but I used lace. And the white flower and pink flower are both on the link I led you to above. They’re one of my favorites.
Diaper Cake (7)Diaper Cake (5)
Just before the party I finally found green vellum and cut out leaves to hide the cardboard stand part. Super cute.
Diaper Cake (11)
Even the topper is a bow, clipped on to a white pipe cleaner folded in there.
Diaper Cake (3)
That’s my dad in the background doing dishes. What a hunk.
Diaper Cake (4)
Wonder what those pink yarn things are? I made her some of these
Barefoot sandals
Barefoot sandals, tutorial here.
Crochet Circle Rug (1)
And there’s my crochet circle rug I showed you on Monday.
At the shower we played one game. I printed it from here.

It’s a purse game. I got the winners some candy to say hooray they won, and the one who had the lowest points? They got a Just in Case bag I made them. Tutorial here.

Last but not least, I made Alyssa’s favorite-ish dessert. These bad boys.

Red Velvet Cake Balls. Ooh yeah.
Diaper Cake (6)
Fun shower, fun gifts, and super cute sis-in-law! Congrats Alyssa!
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