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Monday, November 5, 2012

Crochet Rug

I showed this rug a long while ago and said I wanted one.

I really like the flower look of it, but wasn’t sure how to make that. So I made mine circles with this link here from Maybe someone out there knows how to make a flower like the picture? I’m just a beginner crochet-er.  Anyway, on to the rug.

I picked out my colors, which was all yarn from my grandma. I grabbed any pinks, black, white, and gray. Since I had all the yarn, it’s free so far!

Then, I started crocheting circles whenever we’d be watching something. Not gonna lie, this is a project that took a few months….I made the circles different sizes.

Crochet Circle Rug (3)

I kept laying them out to see how big the rug was getting. I just kept everything in a reusable grocery bag that I hauled whenever we had to go on long drives or pulled it out to watch something. Oh, and I kept the end thread long. I wasn’t sure what I was doing next and wanted to have plenty.

Once I had a good stack

Crochet Circle Rug (11)

or mess of circles

Crochet Circle Rug (10)

I started sewing them together. I used a plastic yarn needle I borrowed from my daughter’s craft supplies.

Crochet Circle Rug (12)

Basically I put 2 circles together and sewed them using one of the long thread ends. I made sure to line them up so I knew where the thread was at and I could use it to sew where I needed to.

Crochet Circle Rug (17)

I was doing this in the car on one of our long drives to Idaho. Which we have a few this month. I better find some long mindless projects Smile

Crochet Circle Rug (5)

Once I had the circle completely enclosed, I’d weave the extra end in through the circle so I could cut it without worrying about it making the whole rug fall apart. I’d also weave through if my end was on one side and I needed to sew something on the other side of the circle. Let me just interject here with a bit of a fail. Remember when I dyed my hair with Kool-Aid? Well, I was running out of light pink so I thought I’d try dyeing some white circles with the pink Kool-Aid. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Dyeing Yarn (2)Dyeing Yarn (3)Dyeing Yarn (4)Dyeing Yarn (5)

Dyeing Yarn (6)Dyeing Yarn (1)Dyeing Yarn

The color looked so cool, and then I rinsed them, and a few turned out okay, but most looked blah. They were different types of yarn, but I can’t tell you what since the labels have been MIA for years. So I just used them in different areas, and they don’t stand out, so I guess all is well Smile

Crochet Circle Rug (6)

Okay, back to the rug. The beginning piece is one you can cut as soon as you start sewing. It won’t come undone. So that’s the one in the middle of the circle. Anyway, I sewed the rug together, and then I kept making more circles where it looked like I needed them.

Crochet Circle Rug (4)

I made little circles to fill in the gaps too. After I made sure I didn’t need any more circles, I weaved ends in and cut the extra yarn.

Crochet Circle Rug (7)

I actually used the finished rug for not it’s purpose a few weekends ago. I’ll be telling you all about that Wednesday.

Crochet Circle Rug (1)Crochet Circle Rug (8)

But here’s the finished rug.

Finished Rug (2)

It’s about 3’ by 20”.

Finished Rug (3)

Still not sure where it’s going, but it sure is fun Smile

Finished Rug (1) copy

Have a great week!

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