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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We interrupt to tell you this awesome deal! Pick Your Plum has iron on, glow in the dark, and chalkboard vinyl today!!!! Woot woot!
Also, Plaid Barn has Fold Over Elastic for only 99 cents a yard!!! Getting me a little somethin something.

Okay, here’s a couple of random tutes for head/hair stuff. I needed antenna, so I got a pack of 3 black elastic headbands, like these:

and some pipe cleaner, pompoms, and black thread and needle. I just wrapped the pipe cleaner around the headband:
Antenna Headband (3)
and then sewed the pompoms on, not quite at the end of the pipe cleaner:
Antenna Headband (2)
And then wrapped the pipe cleaner back over itself when the pompom was secure.
Antenna Headband (1)
Super tricky headband, right?
Antenna Headband (5)
Okay, now I did another experiment for anyone who wants to use it for Halloween. I got me a few packets of this:
Dyeing with Koolaid (4)
But ignore the Grape flavor. It basically didn’t work. Then, you dump them with some water into a pan and boil it:
Dyeing with Koolaid (5)
And once it’s boiling, you dip your hair in. As much or as little as you want.
Dyeing with Koolaid (7)
Quite the steamy picture, eh?
So this is what my hair looked like before:
Dyeing with Koolaid (14)
And then I dip dyed it in the strawberry koolaid to look like this:
Dyeing with Koolaid (13)Dyeing with Koolaid (12)
And this:
Dyeing with Koolaid (20)
I kept track so you could see how long it lasted.
Dyeing with Koolaid (10) copy
If you bleach your hair, or color it a lot, yours will be a lot more vibrant than mine. Plus, my hair is dark. So keep that in mind. I don’t know about dyeing the whole head, but it’s not permanent, but it does take awhile to wash all the way out.
Dyeing with Koolaid (1)
It’s very soft color now, but it’s still pink. So if that helps you do your hair awesome for Halloween, good deal! Here’s some more head/hair ideas for Halloween!

These headbands are just so much fun! Whether it goes with your costume or not, you should make one to wear to work that day. Don’t you think? Over at Sweet Charli.

If you haven’t seen these Rapunzel wigs floating around Pinterest, where were you Smile? It’s an idea you could use for making your own wig to work with your costumes. Over here at The Weekend Homemaker.

Here’s another take on Rapunzel wig. From Etsy.

This was inspired by the Rapunzel wigs, and looks like a labor of love. From Kyla at Funky Polka Dot Giraffe.
Here’s a bunch of awesome hair ideas for your girls!

Use the rings! Awesome! From Princess Piggies.

A skeleton! Ha! She has tons of hair ideas over at Princess Piggies. Go here to see awesome ones.

Okay, here’s a unique wig. Over at

Yarn wig here

Maybe you have a fairy in your costume line up? How beautiful is a hair flower wreath?
Perhaps something more subtle? How about some cute clay clips?

Or these clips from Etsy?

This one didn’t have a link, so apologies. But a very fun bow!

Some more fun bows from an Etsy shop.
Do you remember when I showed you all my pictures from Halloween’s past? I put a bunch of snakes in my hair here for Medusa
Neighborhood Halloween Party (8)
Or I sprayed Thing 1’s hair with colored hair spray here:
Family Halloween 2009 (8)
Go do a search for what you want to make and see if there’s anything out there for you! Hope some of these ideas helped! As always, let me know if there’s something you have a specific question on!
Halloween Button copy
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  2. Nice creativity! this winter keep up warm your head with cool color headwear and stay comfortable!

  3. I dip dyed my hair with black cherry look aid 8 months ago, still some left.


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