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Monday, October 15, 2012


Okay here’s 2 more projects that I’ve made for Halloween costumes. They’re pretty straightforward, but each one is a little different. Ready? Here’s the one for Thing 2.

Petal Skirt (2)

First off I cut a bunch petal shapes from different colors of fabric, that I was going for in my costume. I cut 2 for each petal.

Petal Skirt (3)

Sewed around the curve, leaving the top open

Petal Skirt (4)

Snipped every 3/4” –ish around the curve to make sure it would lay flat, then turned them right side out.

Petal Skirt (9)

Ironed them flat, and cut an elastic to the waist measurement. Overlapped it about 1” and sewed it together securely. Then, I pinned the petals onto the elastic, making sure they were nice and loose. Meaning the top of the petal was 5”, and I pinned them so they took up about 3 1/2” of space on the band. And I overlapped the petals about 1” so there wouldn’t be a gap.

Petal Skirt (5)

Then, sewed it on the machine.

Petal Skirt (6)

I pulled the elastic tight after sewing 1 end of the petal down, so the elastic would bunch up the petal when it’s relaxed.

Petal Skirt (7)

It was getting very pretty

Petal Skirt (8)

I decided to add a 2nd row of petals, so I hand stitched 6 petals to the inside middle of each of the 6 I just put on.

Petal Skirt (1)

See how you can’t see any gaps?

Petal Skirt (10)

Then, I added some tulle to the inside. I just cut it to the length I wanted, and just gathered it up as I was sewing.

Petal Skirt

Voila! The finished product turned out just how I wanted!

Petal Skirt (12) copy

I’ve had sick girl so she wants to be in pajamas all day long Sad smile

Petal Skirt (11)

Now, for Thing 1’s skirt. This took a bit more brainstorming on my part. She’s being very specific about color. So, I kind of sat there contemplating dyeing something, then realized I had the PERFECT fabric from Miya Design’s sale that I’ve raved about before. It was actually sitting by me on the sewing table because I knew there was a Halloween project waiting for me to discover it. Isn’t it pretty?

Orange Sparkly Skirt (2)

It was the perfect color, and it was sparkly, which can’t miss with my princess. So, I cut it to the length I wanted, and then used part of the pantyhose from here and here to make the waistband.

Orange Sparkly Skirt (4)

I just cut a strip longer than the waist measurement by a few inches, and then sewed it to the sparkly orange fabric, gathering it up as I went. To make things easier, I pinned both pieces to match in 1/8s, meaning I folded it in half and marked it, then quarters, and then 1/8s.

Orange Sparkly Skirt (5)

I just sewed through the waistband folded in half, because I made it big enough for my elastic to go in after.

Orange Sparkly Skirt (6)Orange Sparkly Skirt (7)

Then, I added a bunch of layers of tulle in behind the orange fabric in different lengths. Just because I can. I pinned those all on, and then sewed them on the line I already sewed to attach the waistband.

Orange Sparkly Skirt (8)

I did a layer of red tulle, a layer of orange (that is more bright than I wanted) and 2 layers of black tulle. Nice and poufy Smile

Orange Sparkly Skirt (9)

Next I put my elastic into the waistband casing

Orange Sparkly Skirt (10)Orange Sparkly Skirt (11)

Sewed both ends shut, even with the casing.

Orange Sparkly Skirt (12)

And then I sewed the orange outer layer together with the casing, to finish the skirt. I did as close to the edge as I could.

Orange Sparkly Skirt (1)

And made sure the elastic was nice and secure.

Orange Sparkly Skirt (14)

Finished!! She wanted to wear the gloves, antenna, and wings, but I wouldn’t let her wear the wings yet….

Orange Sparkly Skirt (13) copy

Okay, here’s some other things that caught my eye if these skirts don’t do it for you.

This tulle skirt is awesome. I pretty much love it. Word to the wise, don’t think it’s that easy to dye tulle black. You’re better off buying it black. I speak from experience. This skirt is from Etsy.

Again, from Etsy and very similar, but still awesome. I guess it’s actually for a Prom or wedding, but I’d totally be a witch in that!

Here’s a round-up of some awesomely unique costumes. Go look at Catching Fireflies.

Welp, that’s all for now folks! If you want help/ideas, please let me know!

Halloween Button copy

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