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Monday, September 3, 2012

Containing my Crap

Happy Labor Day!! Have fun doing whatever you're doing! Here's a really quick, easy organization that I did for my patterns...Right now, I'm working on my craft/sewing table. Woohoo!! Post coming soon! You know all those paper patterns when you’re walking around your favorite craft/fabric store that you can rip off one and have it free? And you know how those patterns then get lost in the abyss that is your purse/craft room/sewing area (if it makes it that far?) Well, I decided to do something with those recently.
Free Pattern Organizing (1)
This is my pattern box. It’s overflowing. Something needs to be done, I realize it. This is just step 1. I grabbed out all of those free paper patterns first.
Free Pattern Organizing (2)
I got a binder from the DI.
Free Pattern Organizing (4)
Hey big spender…It was a planner, so it’s not a full binder size. It already had a bunch of lined paper and a few dividers in it, so I used the dividers as a guide to 3 hole punch my patterns, since they’re not typical size. I cut out some more dividers out of cardstock. Orange is what I had the most of. Whatever.
Free Pattern Organizing (3)
I decorated the binder with washi tape. Because I can.
Free Pattern Organizing (7)Free Pattern Organizing (9)Free Pattern Organizing (10)
Then, labeled those dividers, and stuck in my patterns.
Free Pattern Organizing (5)
So far, I’ve got things like pillows, Halloween, Christmas, kid crafts, d├ęcor tips, house things, crochet/knit, and apparel. With lots of space for more.
Free Pattern Organizing (8)
Speaking of washi tape, I’m developing quite the collection
Free Pattern Organizing (6)
(do you like my sewing machine cover? Love it!) Here it is by my box of patterns, on top of the patterns I got from my Grandma. See the 1/2” worth of lined paper in the pattern book? I’m thinking I’ll keep notes on patterns, alterations, etc., so I don’t have tons of paper floating all over. Nice.
Free Pattern Organizing (11)
One step closer to maintaining my hoard.
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  1. The binder is a great idea, Ash. I recently contained my crap, too. I put all of my patterns in a hanging file box, with the patterns in the files. My pattern box just sits nicely under my sewing table, and that leaves me more sewing room! :)


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