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Monday, August 6, 2012

Sewing Machine Dust Cover

Hi friends! So, I’ve actually been pretty craft this last week, but I also set a new goal. Whenever I make/refashion a clothing/accessory item, I have to come up with 3-4 different ways to wear it before I can post it. So I have a few things I’ve finished, just figuring out different outfits for them. I’ve also been busy with my craft/office room. I’m trying to make it a little less crazy. I’m really close to showing you my finished (ish, it’s never really finished, right?) craft room and fabric hoard. Last week I made my sewing machine a present. I’m made another one today. This is what my dust cover looked like before.

Old Dust Cover

Now, before there is any criticizing, let me just tell you this was my grandmas. I love it, even if it is too short and not my first choice of fabric. I still have it, and will figure out some use for it, I hope. I have memories of my grandma’s sewing machine in the room we always slept in with this cover on it. It was an older version of a Bernina so it fit hers well. But, I wanted a longer one so it actually would keep the dust out.

Sewing Machine Dust Cover (7)

Here is mine finished, but not ironed yet Smile So, I first got my fabric (from Home Fabric, and if you’re super observant, you may remember I used it here). I’ve seen a few different kinds of these floating around on Pinterest, and some that I’ve seen just use a ribbon on the sides to tie it on, but  I wanted it to cover my machine when I’m not using it (rare, but it happens Smile) I measured my machine from front to back, over the machine (making sure to do it loose enough so it will square out at the top), and added on about an inch for seam allowance (add more if you want to be safe, and just trim it off when you’re finished.).

Sewing Machine Dust Cover (2)

Then, I measured how tall it should be on the sides, and how wide. I cut out my 3 rectangle shapes, 2 sides and 1 main body. My sides were 7 1/2”x12” and the main part was 16 1/2”x29”. Make sure if your fabric is 1 way you match it up. Oh, and I used an upholstery fabric so it was more heavy duty.

Sewing Machine Dust Cover (3)

Now, match middles of both side rectangles (on the top end, one of the 7 1/2” ends of mine), and on the main body, where it will be at the top (so in the middle of my 29” long piece). Pin them up, and pin to the corners. Sew a 1/2” seam along the top edges, stopping 1/2” away from the corners.

Sewing Machine Dust Cover (4)

Sewing Machine Dust Cover (5)

This is the side piece on top, and I’ve folded the main bigger piece underneath and pinned it so it makes a nice corner.

Sewing Machine Dust Cover

Here it is from the other side with it sewn. If you wanted to be awesome, you can clip the curve so it lays nicer, but I didn’t want to worry about it fraying, so I left it. Then, you just pin and sew down the sides to the bottom corners.

Sewing Machine Dust Cover (6)

I wanted to leave a slit in mine for my cord to come out the back, so on the back corner I left it unsewn. I pressed the seams 1/2” and then sewed around the opening. Worked out nice, eh?

Sewing Machine Dust Cover (8)

Press up 1/2” all around the bottom edges, and hem it.

Sewing Machine Dust Cover (9)

Give it a good press all around, pressing seams open, ironing flat parts, and just making it look awesome.

Sewing Machine Dust Cover (1)

It looks so nice, and makes me happy to see that awesome pop of color there. It probably only took me 30 minutes start to finish, so it’s a quick project too. Don’t mind the other projects strewn about my table Smile They’ll come soon, no worries!

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  1. I totally want to make one of these. Yours turned out so cute.

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