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Monday, July 2, 2012

Kitchen for the Kiddies!

Sorry I was MIA on Friday. It was the hubster’s birthday, and I had a dermatologist appointment for my poor baby with eczema. Sorry all. I promise I’ll do better this Friday!
Maybe you remember my felt food post a few weeks ago? Did you wonder what it was for? I took an entertainment center (free on KSL!!) and turned it into:
Kid's Kitchen (1)

I know these are all over the place, but I was looking at them last year, and my toddler came up and told me she wanted me to make her a kitchen. I told her once Daddy had a job and we had our own place I would. Well, I made good on that! I started off painting the glass doors gray. I used a paint & primer in one. It was awesome.
Kitchen Revamp
I didn’t get a ton of pictures of the going along, but I’ll tell you about it as I go.
Kitchen revamp (4)
Once I was putting the doors back on, I realized that one of the hardware things was missing. And guess what? You can’t find them ANYWHERE! Even my stand-by Amazon had one for $10! What?!?! So I finally found a set on eBay for $3.
Just to set the record straight, I started off spray painting the whole unit white, because it was this weird tannish color. The spray paint, after 4 coats, still didn’t look white. So, I finally painted it by hand. Boo. But, all the cute little accents were spray painted with purple paint I had leftover from her lamp. I taped off the buttons on the phone and took off the cord to paint it.
Kitchen revamp (3)
I put on a hook to hang their aprons on. I put some chalkboard vinyl up, but it wouldn’t stick, so I used washi tape (from the mirror) to stick it on. I used a drawer pull upside down to hold chalk for them (I got a bunch of sample boards of knobs and pulls from KSL for free. Sweet!)
Kitchen Revamp (6)
Now, I’ve got a bunch of things to use for other projects Smile I used some knobs for the oven and for the oven door handle.
Kitchen revamp (2)
(still waiting for the hardware from eBay at this point…) I had to put a piece of 1/4” wood to finish the back of the TV area. I also added a shelf (DI $3) to the top to hold a microwaveSmile It wasn’t finished at this point, but you can see they still love it!
Kitchen revamp (5)
Okay, that cute chandelier? I found a candelabra at the DI for 75 cent and spray painted it purple, made a little wire hanger for it, added clear plastic ornaments, and hung it from the top with a hook. So cute!Kid's Kitchen (6)
Kitchen revamp (1)
Getting closer, but still no hardware! The towel on the oven door is from my stash. It’s a weird one I rarely use. So for the finishing details, here’s what I did:
Kid's Kitchen (12)
I taped off what I wanted the stove top to be, and painted it gray with some acrylic paint. I cut out some foam circles, and just hot glued them on. I added knobs at the top from my stash.
Kid's Kitchen (3)
This picture didn’t want to turn out right. Oh well. So I recently got some hot pads back from my grandma when she was cleaning out house. Did you ever make those with something like this:

Anyway I had made her some when I was a young’un, so I thought it’d be fun to put those with daughter’s kitchen. So I put some hooks up to hang those, and hooks for her pans and mixing spoons. I had a zigzag stencil I made for her dollhouse for something, so I added a fun backsplash, and then I hot glued some wide ribbon around. It hid a seam I had from putting in the back piece.
Kid's Kitchen (5)
She told me she wanted flowers in her kitchen, so I took an empty bottle of Orangina soda (coolest bottle shape!) and added some silk flowers I have. The window is a picture frame with some wood scraps added to make it look like panes. The curtains are scrap fabric. I painted the little scene, and the window, and then screwed it in from the back. I hung the curtain on a dowel (DI 50 cent)
Kid's Kitchen (2)
I took awhile with the faucet because I wanted something cooler-looking, but just went with this very generic one from Home Depot ($12).
Kid's Kitchen (7)
I added a touch light so she can cook when it’s getting late Smile (dollar store $1)
Kid's Kitchen (8)
Behind the fabric curtain is a box full of her tea party and other dishes. That fabric is something I had, but I know it’s from Home Fabric, last summer.
Kid's Kitchen (11)
I got some cooling racks from the Dollar Tree ($1) and wired them together to make an oven rack. I need to add something like a dowel underneath to support it better. The muffin tin ($1) and the cookie sheet (50 cent) are from the DI. Boy, somebody really should have wiped out the last of the sawdust in there, huh?
Kid's Kitchen (1)
I could hardly keep them away long enough to get pictures!
Kid's Kitchen (13)
I give them empty containers of things to cook with, like cereal and pasta boxes, cleaned out cream and milk cartons, and any other fun ones.
Kid's Kitchen (14)
Awww, cute!
Kid's Kitchen (16)
So there’s the finished product, with added stars that they just got for their room. Eh, what can you do? They like to “decorate!”
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  1. I love homemade kitchens. This is really cute. I'm sure they'll love it for years!

  2. It turned out so cute! I bet they LOVE it!

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