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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Porch Swing Overhaul

It’s warming up here in the great state of Utah.


We finally resurrected the tramp, patio furniture, and porch swing from their hibernation in the shed.



The porch swing isn’t looking so great.

Hubby suggested we haul it off to the dump and buy a new one.

I’m a cheapskate and said no.  I wanted to see if I could fix it up first.  I have spent HOURS nursing rocking babies in this swing while the other kiddos ran amuck in the yard.  I love this swing, despite it’s ugliness.

Four cans of spray paint and some new cushions later, we had this:


Much, much cheaper than a new swing!

So, before you haul something off to the dump, see if you can give it a few more years.  You never know if you can make it work if you don’t try!

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