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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Patriotic Wreath

So last week, the hubsters went out of town to our old residence to take care of biness, and build a project for our house. More to come on that later. It’s sitting in the garage, somewhat shamefully, so you have to wait. While he was out of town, I was catching up on blogs I follow, and came across this post by one of my favorites, Tidbits from the Tremaynes. Seriously, the girl makes me laugh every single time. Anyway, it’s about 10 pm, I’m home with no hubby, and somewhat bored. So in her post, she talks about loving some romantic movies, and since I’d seen most all of them, I thought I’d check good ol’ Netflix to see if it had one I hadn’t. North and South. Oh man. I stayed up WAY too late watching it. Loved it!

Anyway, it’s here on IMDB if you’re interested (which you totally should be!) Seriously, the only thing that got be through the end of the movie was the fact I get to see him when The Hobbit comes out in December. Laugh if you must, I’m a total geek. Nat and I have that in common I guess! So while I’m settlin in to watch 4 hours of period television, with no kids even, it only made sense that I should work on a project, right? So this is my fabric scrap-busting wreath:
Patriotic Wreath (3) copy
I figured I should make something to commemorate an upcoming holiday, and this works for 2! Memorial Day and 4th of July. (Pioneer day too if you’re an Utahn!)
There’s tons of these on Pinterest, so this is nothing new. My take on one I looked at, since they called for actually buying fabric and then shredding it up. Since I have at least 20 of these bags lying around
Patriotic Wreath (2)
full of scraps, yes sorted by color, I’m OCD like that, I can’t justify buying MORE fabric. (maybe one of these days I’ll show you my craft room almost finished…) So I just pulled out pieces, cut em (and when I say cut, I mean tore) to about the same size, and grabbed a frame when I had a sizable amount
Patriotic Wreath (1)
Don’t worry, I have red too, it just wasn’t finished being shredded. This frame is one we have laying around, with no back, no glass, nothing much at all. I ended up having to tape the corners so they didn’t come apart (after I was almost done…SUNAVA!), so it was really just a cheapy frame. I wanted to do it more flag-like, with all red on the top & bottom, and then 13 stripes on the side, but it looked wonky, so I ended up just doing bigger chunky stripes. For the corners, I put a strip under the 2 sides closet to the corner and tied it. Can you tell from this picture?
Patriotic Wreath (5)
See the lighter blue fabric? You can’t get all the way in the corner, so I just laid it over the corner and tied it down under 2 others (the teal and darker blue). You wouldn’t have to worry about corners on a round wreath (um. duh. round=no corners!) Anyway, just swoon and watch the awesomeness movie, working mindlessly, then tie a ribbon to it and voila!
Patriotic Wreath (4)
Fun fun! What do you think? You could do any colors/shapes (maybe using a wire hanger!) you wanted and go through your fabric scraps….What about pink, red, and white on a heart? Green on a shamrock? White for a snowman? An orange pumpkin? Even a red apple for back to school! Happy Wednesday to you all!

Patriotic Wreath (3) copy 
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  1. Love your wreath!! Loved North and South to I watched it when it came out!!

  2. Oh my! This is fabulous! You take great pictures of your work, too! Very fun!

    We would LOVE for you to stop over and link up this awesome idea in our Crafty Saturday Showcase. The Showcase runs Saturday through Thursday. Then our Designers will pick their top linked up picks and feature them on Friday! Stop over and join in the fun! We have a linky for crafty bloggers and ETSY/Business Bloggers, too!

    Have a super weekend,


  3. Love it! I would love for you to link up to The CSI Project this week. The challenge is Patriotic Projects! Hope to see you there.

    Dee, the CSI Girl

    PS email because I would love to have you as a guest judge too!

  4. How cute. I love frames used as wreaths. The square shape makes it so unique. I would love it if you would consider sharing this idea with some of my readers. I'm sharing a linky party with another blogger so it would be linked up on 2 blogs. Here is the link.



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