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Friday, May 11, 2012

Fab 5 Friday

So I donated blood this week, and it just happens to be right next door to the thrift store. So I HAD to go over, right? Look what cutie I found for 75 cents!


I hung him up by the rest of his friends.

All owls

So fun! I don’t know that I’ll paint him or do anything to him. He’s pretty cute as is.

On to the fun stuff from Blogland:

Looks like fun! FashionRolla brings us 12 ways to wear belts. Nice. I just need to be cool enough to have outfits to go with the belts.

Simplify is a gorgeous blog with ideas on how to simplify your life and home. So pretty. Their kitchen looks great!

Do you ever click through your Pinterest links and find a new favorite blog? I did that with Made it on Monday. So many great ideas and sewing tips! Loved it and spent too much time on her site the other day!

Gorgeous craft/office room. So inspiring, don’t you think? Shown here at

This looks like way too much fun! A mini waterpark in the backyard! From Event Horizons! Too bad we don’t have grass currently, but maybe soon! Anyway, hope you all have a great Friday!

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