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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Belt for Baby

…or for your hubs, your bigger kids, or even yourself!

Monkey is a skinny little guy.  He wears size 2T pants, but he’s probably only size 12 months in his waist.  This causes a problem.  I’ve yet to find a belt for a baby.

So, I did what any DIY momma would do.  I made my own.  I mean his own.  It was so incredibly easy.  This is what I did:

belt text

I picked up some D-Rings and nylon strapping from the fabric store.  You’ll also need a sewing machine, thread, scissors and a candle for these belts.

belt (1)

Here’s a little cheat from the package of D-Rings:

belt (12)

Start off by cutting your strapping to the desired length.  You’ll have to measure your victim’s waist first.  Melt the ends of the strapping with the candle.

belt (2)

Thread the D-Rings through one end of the strapping, fold the end over, and stitch into place.

belt (16)

aaaannnnnddd…you’re done.  Easy Peasy.  I had enough strapping leftover that I made a belt for Firecracker, too.

I also made Monkey a denim belt from a pair of Hubby’s worn out jeans.

belt (15)

Same process, but I let the ends fray.  Oh, and I double folded the edges of the belt into the center and stitched into place like this:

belt (5)

Fold the fabric in half and press.  Open it up and press both edges halfway into the center.

belt (8)

Then fold the edges in again so that the folds meet up in the center crease.

belt (10)

Sew your folds into place.  With the denim belt, I just did straight lines with jean thread.  With this one, I decided to use a decorative stitch.

belt (14)

Now take your ends and fold them in twice.  Hem them into place.

belt (11)

Sew the D-Rings into place the same way you did with the nylon strapping. 

belt (14)

Now you have some new belts to add to your baby’s wardrobe, and all of those cute little pants will stay up!

belt (17)

belt (18)

belt (20)

I don’t have any girls, but how cute would this belt be made out of jumbo ric-rac?

belt (21)


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  1. Last summer I bought T a pair of shorts that came with a webbed/D-ring belt. He didn't like the belt. Well, this spring the belt showed up and now he says he likes it and that I need to buy him more. Well, you know what I'm gonna have to do now... Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Such cute belts!! I loved the decorative stitched belt soooo cute!!!


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