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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moving Sucks

Hey all. I've been up to my eyeballs in moving boxes. It took me a few days to find all the dishes. I'm working my way through the house, finding the must-haves, and then starting to organize. It's been like Christmas since I haven't seen some of this stuff in almost 2 years! I've thrown out several garbage bags full of things, and plan on purging my closet too (or refashioning...we'll just have to see!) By the way, remember my giveaway here? No? Well, only 3 entered, so it's really hard to choose one! So Kristin, email me your address and I'll send that gift card out!

Sorry this isn't the world's coolest post, but I really need to get back to laundry since I haven't done it for 3 weeks! I will post pictures and be more awesome next time. Promise!

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  1. This is a coolest post for me! I will email my address in the morning when I am not on my phone (up nursing a baby).

    Moving is so hard, I dread it, but love cleaning stuff out. good luck getting settled!


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