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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday Celebrations Cont…

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me!
Hee hee, I’m funny. Okay, so my hubby and I celebrated my birthday last week because we are actually in the process of moving. Right now. As you’re reading this. Wish me luck. Good thing for pre-scheduled posts, eh? Anyway, I was driving last week, and listening to my favorite radio station, while picking up an awesome free Craigslist item (can’t wait to start that bad boy!) and they were broadcasting at the City Creek Center in Salt Lake, that was opening that day. As I listened, I got the idea that it’d be fun to go and see it. So, we hopped on the FrontRunner train and rode to Salt Lake, then got on Trax (Utah’s public train/bus systems), and didn’t have to worry anything about parking! I took a bunch of pictures with my phone, so enjoy! (Disclaimer: I didn’t intentionally take pictures of random strangers. If you’re in the pictures, well, what are the chances!)
First store we stopped at was a tea store, since my hubby loves his herbal teas and mate. Gag. But, this tea was pretty cool.
City Creek Center (2)
See that little ball on the plate? You drop that in the water, and it turns into this huge decorative flower thing. It’s hard to tell, but it’s in the jar right by it.
Anyway, the City Creek Center (go here to see their website and everything they’ve got!) is 2 city blocks, that has a sky bridge to connect over Main Street in SLC, and has the city creek running through the middle of it. It’s an open air mall type place, and is 2 levels on both blocks. It’s BIG.
City Creek Center (7)
It’s got little ponds, and fish swimming around all through it.
City Creek Center (6)
See the creek?
City Creek Center (3)
It’s got a nice food court, and this fun area for kids play at. Funny thing, there’s a Disney store, but you have to wait in line to even go inside! It’s like a 20 minute wait! I almost thought I was in Disneyland!!!
City Creek Center (5)
A waterfall…
City Creek Center (8)
Fountains and splash pads to play in…While we were there, there was musicians, bands, and singers at different locations. Very cool.
City Creek Center (10)
It’s got a lot of very high-end shops, but there are some there for us commoners as well. Smile I took this picture just to send to my brother.
City Creek Center (12)
Pretty view of the temple across the street.
City Creek Center (11)
Wait, what’s that across the way?
City Creek Center (9)
Wait for it…
City Creek Center (13)
Oh baby!
City Creek Center (15)
The perfect place to get rid of the mean reds! (sidenote: the cute skinny jeans are from my awesome sister-in-law, the gray purse is from my other amazing sister-in-law, and the sweater is a steal from Miya Designs. If you live in Northern Utah, you should totally go there!)
City Creek Center (1)
And finally, the drool-tastic store of them all! We spent the longest in the store, and I snapped tons of pictures of things we loved, and price tags that were insane! Even more exciting?! There’s an Anthropolgie coming!!!
So, if you’re in Salt Lake, you NEED to go see this place. It was so fun! After, we walked down to 4th South and ate dinner at the Star of India. De-li-cious! We’ve been there before, but it has yet to disappoint. If you love Indian food, you must eat there. If you don’t love Indian food, you need to try it!!!!! We had Aloo Chat as an appetizer, garlic Nan bread on the side, Lamb Shahi Coconut Korma, and Chicken Tikka Saagwala. Oh baby, loved it. Then we walked back, rode the Trax & FrontRunner, and got home to girls in bed! (thanks Mom!!)
By the way, just because I feel like it, it’s my birthday, so I’m giving somebody a present! I have a $15 gift card for Great Harvest Bread Co. that I’ll mail to a random comment on this post (you should be able to use it at any Great Harvest). Answer these questions (1 comment total):
What fun adventures have you been on lately? Do you think the Crafting Cousins should have a Facebook page? What about Twitter? I’ll be honest, I’m scared and intimidated by Twitter. What is your favorite birthday traditions?
We'll end this when I have internet again, so Saturday night? 8:00 PM.
Thanks for reading!
By the way, I'm nowhere near cool enough for anyone I mentioned in the above to know who I am, much less pay me for it. I just love their stuff!
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  1. Happy Birthday Ashlee & so glad you guys got to have a date!!!!! Good Luck on your move :D

  2. Happy birthday!!!

    What fun adventures have you been on lately?
    Our biggest adventure lately has been a walk to the new playground on a gorgeous sunny day after two days of rain.

    Do you think the Crafting Cousins should have a Facebook page?
    I sure do (but not if it's too time consuming!!!

    What about Twitter?
    I don't do Twitter so it doesn't matter to me.

    What is your favorite birthday traditions?
    Cake and ice cream!!!

  3. What fun adventures have you been on lately?
    - with a three month old and a three year old, we went on spring break to wyoming... around an 8 hour drive. that was an adventure for sure!

    Do you think the Crafting Cousins should have a Facebook page?
    - yes to facebook!

    What about Twitter
    - i don't do twitter, so i have no opinion really... but it does seem to be pretty big with a lot of people.

    What is your favorite birthday traditions?
    - i don't have to do the dishes on my birthday! and i love a good old party. :)


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