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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clip-on Comfort

I don’t know about you other church-goers, but it is so hard to find little boy’s dress clothes.  What’s up with that?  Boys have to dress up, too.   Anyway, we have a bunch of clip on ties, but my boys HATE wearing them.  The little clip hits their chest and hurts them.
clip on comfort 1

This is Crocky.  He’s nine.  I hope you enjoy his drama while posing for these pictures.  I sure did.  He’s a funny guy!  Anyway, here’s a fast and easy way to remedy that clip on tie discomfort.
clip on comfort 5.5

Enter the safety pin
clip on comfort 2

You’re bound to have a few of these around the house, aren’t you?!  Pin the safety pin behind the top button on the collar.
clip on comfort 3.5

Clip the tie on the safety pin…

clip on comfort 4

…and you’re done!
clip on comfort 5

Now you have a happy little man who’s ready for church!  :)
clip on comfort 6

Swoon.  He cleans up real nice, don’t he?!  (…said in my best hick drawl…)

...and a random sidenote:
I absolutely detest sewing Scout patches on Scout shirts.  I hate it.  It is tedious, and when I'm finished, I think (sarcastically, of course) "Gee, whiz!  Look how talented I am!  I unleashed my creativity and sewed a circle...(or a square, rectangle, etc...)"

I have found that if you use clear nylon thread on top, and have your bobbin the same color as the shirt, it is a lot easier.  You don't have to change your thread to match the patch.  Good tip.

Another good tip is to use spray adhesieve to hold the patch into place while you sew.  Use pins, too.

I still hate sewing on Scout patches, even with those good tips.  One of the moms in our Scout pack told me about this:


{Chorus of angels singing}

New sewing involved.  It's even washable.  I tried it out last night.  It was pure bliss.  A complete dream come true for a mom of five boys who is currently serving a lifetime of servitude for the Boy Scouts of America.  

...just thought I'd share the love and that marvelous tip!  :)

Have a great day!
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  1. Great idea about the safety pin. Oscar P. can put on a pretty good scowl if he has to wear a tie. I've discovered that if I can slip the clip into the button hole he doesn't complain as much.

  2. Very smart idea! The boys in my primary class could benefit from this =)

  3. oh--the badge magic--it will peel off eventually. and the residue is IMPOSSIBLE to remove. better is to use velcro. :) love the safety pin stuff though--great tip!


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