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Monday, January 14, 2013

Fancy Pillow

My daughter got a Fancy Nancy book for Christmas. Correction. She got 4 books. She loves Fancy Nancy. The other day, she comes out before breakfast, and informs me she wants a fancy room like Fancy Nancy. She even has a book to show me.
Fancy Nancy
So I ask her what she loves about the room so I know what she wants.
Fancy Nancy Room
And she points to all these parts of the room. So we had to go to Target that day, and I had an idea start marinating.
This isn’t new, I’m not claiming credit. (I’ve seen it on the Nate Show, here and here.) While there, we came across this purple sequin shirt for $7.48
Sparkle Pillow from Shirt (2)
She almost chose turquoise, because that’s a fancy name. But she went with purple. I stuffed a pillow inside of it, turned inside out to make sure it fits. I basted around the bottom, then sewed on one side. I stuffed the pillow in to make sure I knew where the 3rd side should go.
Sparkle Pillow from Shirt (4)
Then I left the pillow inside of it while I sewed the last side.
Sparkle Pillow from Shirt (3)
Sparkle Pillow from Shirt (5)
I unbasted the bottom to pull out the pillow, and trimmed around the edges.
Sparkle Pillow from Shirt (6)
Then I put in a zipper in the middle of the open side, because I have more zippers than any non-store should.
Sparkle Pillow from Shirt (7)
I sewed up the 2 sides of the zipper, then shoved the form inside.
Sparkle Pillow from Shirt (8)
And used up an hour doing something I wasn’t planning on because it sounded like more fun than cleaning bathrooms Smile
Sparkle Pillow from Shirt (1)
We’re redoing the girls’ room fancy bit by bit. Stay tuned. Smile
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