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Monday, December 31, 2012

Nat’s Top 5

I thought it’d be fun to highlight my favorite projects from Nat this year. Sort of a year review, but less vain, since they’re not mine Smile (by the way, I updated the tutorials page so you can find any of our tutorials you want now easier!) So in no particular order, here’s my 5 faves from Nat:

I love Ruching. For real. You don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy the awesomeness that is ruching. So go here to see how Nat ruched this cute shirt!

I’ve used this tutorial at least 6 times this year. Seriously. I used it on 3 pairs of new skinny jeans, 1 pair of hand-me-downs that were already pretty trashed, 1 pair of my jeans, and at least 2 other pants are waiting on my sewing machine table for me to fix them. My machine and I are on a break. We’ve been seeing too much of each other. We’re taking a break.

I love me some carbs. I really want to make these. Soon. Just haven’t yet. But Nat claims they’re really easy so I should be able to do it. Recipe is here.

Every time I see this, I get nostalgic and hope that maybe someday I’ll have a little boy too, so I can make this adorable necktie tee. Someday. Maybe.

But, in all honesty, I can make ridiculous, fluffy, flowery dresses anytime I want because I have 2 little princesses of my own. And they’d love this dress!

Do you have any plans today for New Years? Looking for some décor, party ideas, or resolutions displays? Go look at my Pinterest board for New Years. If I wasn’t just getting over a nasty cold, I would make the oversized sequins. Love them!

Happy New Year! See ya next year Smile

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