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Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY Appliques

So, my daughter had grown out of her pajamas. I went through my patterns, and didn’t have any that were the right size. So I used her little ones as a pattern, and made her some out of the pink fabric she chose. Guess what? She won’t wear them because “they’re not soft”. *sigh*. So, I found this gray sweat pant material in my hoard fabric stash, and asked her if this was soft enough. She told me she loved how soft it was, but it’s not pretty. I played around with dyeing it, but decided to try a different idea. You know what appliques are? They can get a bit pricy, right? So I made some. It was really easy. Grab some scraps of fabric and fusible (iron-on) interfacing. Put your interfacing on the back of the scraps.
DIY Appliques (2)
Then cut out the shapes you want from the interfaced fabric.
DIY Appliques (4)
I cut out a flower and lots of circles/ovals. They weren’t perfect. I didn’t care.
Then I laid them onto the pants/shirt that I had cut out but not sewn yet. I didn’t want to deal with accidently sewing through a pant leg or something. I zigzag stitched (my machine was set to a short wide stitch, you may have to experiment to get the look you want) all the shapes on to the fabric. I actually changed the thread color because of the look I wanted, but you could do it all the same color.
DIY Appliques (5)
If you don’t sew quite on the edge, you can go back and trim some excess fabric.  Notice the pink polka dot one? It has extra fabric by the turquoise fabric.
DIY Appliques (6)
So I trimmed it off. Here is the finished look:
DIY Appliques (7)
And another part:
DIY Appliques (8)
So her pajamas turned out cute, and she’s worn them every night since I made them. I’d say it’s a success!
DIY Appliques (9)DIY Appliques (1)
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