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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nursery Redo: Part 1

Remember the post I wrote about dollar store nursery décor?

Well…sniff, sniff…Monkey has decided that he is above babyish things--such as sleeping in a crib.  Unfortunately, he wants to be like his big brothers.  Pssshhhttt…

Doesn’t he know that he’s still my baby?!


When The Hubsters and I redid our bedroom, we gave Monkey our old queen sized bed.  We didn’t see the point of throwing the bed out only to turn around and buy a twin sized bed.

Time for a flashback.  This is how the nursery looked before Firecracker moved out.


Firecracker moved out and we put our old bed where the twin sized bed is when we redid our bedroom.

The crib is supposed to convert to a full sized bed.  Monkey has a queen sized bed, so that wasn’t going to work.  I know.  Monkey is spoiled rotten. 

Anyway, I tweaked the full sized headboard to make a queen sized one for Monkey.

nursery redo (18)

I took the headboard and the posts from the front side of the bed.  Hubby sawed the legs off of the headboard.

nursery redo (20)

We took the headboard and the side posts and drilled them into the wall.  Like so:

nursery redo (21) 

Then we pushed the bed up against the headboard. 

nursery redo (24)

Ta-Da!  We have a big boy bed!

Monkey’s bed isn’t on bed rails.  We didn’t want him to have a long way to fall if he fell off the bed.  So far, it hasn’t happened.  Rather than cover the box spring with a bed skirt, I just used a fitted sheet.

nursery redo (25)

It stays in place and fit like a glove!  Perfect!

Check back on Tuesday to find out how I turned Firecracker’s twin sized quilt into a queen sized quilt.  See you then!

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  1. What a great idea! I love it! My little man has a full bed, but he usually ends up just sleeping in ours...

  2. So cool how your story almost exactly matches ours! My toddler is also sleeping in a queen size bed..we had two extra queen size mattresses after buying a tempurpedic for our bed (love it!)...on one hand, I would love to get her a smaller bed but hey, its just one less thing to have to spend money on! And besides, if she ever has a sibling, I will eventually just put them together to cuddle up in the big bed, hopefully :)Her mattress is just on the floor with no boxspring...( our tempurpedic is on top of the two boxsprings, with a fitted sheet covering the ugly one :)...which is ok with me as the mattress is on the thicker side and it gives me such peace of mind knowing she wouldn't have far to fall! Love your creativity!!


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