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Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Featuring You!

Sorry this is a bit late getting up….I was up late last night because I was too excited about a project, and couldn’t sleep. Then, as soon as we got up, we went out to track down supplies for said project. And now we’re finally home and getting on with life. But, we had some great projects linked up last week from you! So without further ado, here you are:
The most clicked on/liked link was this:

So so cute from the Crafty Woman! Her little girls are adorable. Love it!
Next up…

Um, you had me at dark chocolate. And peanut butter. And cookies. And the cute mason jar to drink milk out of. From Destination Craft.

I thought this was a sweet vintage style dress from Howling at the Moon. It’d be a great way to use cool things you have from Grandma!

I thought this was a really interesting idea. Over at Creative Chaos she shares a program you can use to print huge pictures from home! Plus some of the comments give different ideas on ways to use it. Maybe do an Andy Warhol-esque look and print each section a different color?! Cool cool.

I’m trying to decide if I’m cool enough to wear Maxi dresses. They look so comfy, but I know they make me look all sorts of short (even if I am…) so I haven’t decided. But, Sarah at the Winthrop Chronicles almost makes me consider it. Again. We’ll see!
Thanks so much to everyone who linked up! So much fun things! Be sure to grab a button on the side to let people know you were featured!
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  1. Thanks for hosting! I'm glad everyone liked my little dress. :)
    Christine, the Crafty Woman

  2. Hi Ashlee,

    Thanks for featuring a dress of mine again!!

    Liz (Howling at the Moon)


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