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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Play Skirt from T-shirt

Skirt from Shirt (2)
I have this shirt that I really like the colors of, but I’ve never particularly loved the style of it. The neck was always too wide, or just didn’t fit right. So, it sat in a box for a bit, until I decided to chop it up and make something for my little rugrat.
Skirt from Shirt (3)
First, I chopped off the bottom of the shirt to make the main part of the skirt. Now, I could have just thrown in an elastic, and I’d be done…but I know my daughter. She won’t wear leggings with a skirt unless it’s snowing, and even then it’s a fight. And she seems to think the entire world wants to see her underwear. So I used the top part of the skirt to make a panty-liner type thing.
Skirt from Shirt (5)
I grabbed a pair of her panties and used them as a guide on the sleeves to cut them off.
Skirt from Shirt (6)
Skirt from Shirt (7)
Then sewed the crotch area (everything I did with a shorter zig zag stitch, maybe a 2.5? and just made sure it was nice and secure)
Skirt from Shirt (8)
I added a little triangle panel in the back to make sure it was big enough for her and comfortable.
Next part is a bit confusing, but of course if you forget about the panty insert you’re fine.
Skirt from Shirt (10)
I sewed the panty part to the skirt part, gathering it up to make sure it fit well. Make sure you’re sewing it so the right parts are facing out, and the parts you want hidden (the seams) aren’t.
Skirt from Shirt (4)
Grabbed some 1” wide elastic and cut it to the size of one of her other dozens of skirts
Skirt from Shirt (9)
And sewed it super secure. A square with an X in the middle, double to triple stitched.
Skirt from Shirt (11)
Then, I put the elastic in the skirt, with the main body of the skirt making a casing for the elastic. I pinned it all around the waist,
Skirt from Shirt (12)
Then sewed it. It was a really quick project, with a little girl standing there the whole time nagging me to wear it as soon as I was done.
Skirt from Shirt (1)
Then she wore it for 4 days straight until it got black from playing on the trampoline, then Mommy finally convinced her to wear a different skirt! What a crazy kid!
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  1. I love it!! What a great idea! Thank you!
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