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Monday, May 28, 2012

It shimmers so

Sink me, The man’s lost his senses! Bare legs.

K, the other day, I found a package of t-shirts I’d got for Christmas to make my husband this shirt. There were still 2 in the package,you know the kind…Plain, white, t-shirt, in a package. Hanes-like, if you will. So I decided to do an experiment with it. I began by drawing lines down the middle, and doing a little math to figure out the size I wanted the stripes to be. They ended up being rows and columns about 3 1/8” apart. I drew them all on the shirt, front and back, and drawing lines from the corners to make a chevron style.

Sparkle Chevron Top (3)

Note: I did all this while watching this version of Jane Eyre. Good times. Oh, I left about 3” open at the bottom with no lines on it. Then, I grabbed this roll of sequins that I had way back for my wedding…I made my own veil. So I thought the white on white would be mild, but fun, and I can gradually burst into the sequin/sparkly shirt idea. I sewed them all on to the lines I drew, carefully turning at the corners, and trying my hardest to keep straight lines.

Sparkle Chevron Top (4)

Here’s all the sequins sewn on:

Sparkle Chevron Top (5)

Wanna know a secret? I ran out of sequins on the back, for the last zag. Don’t tell anyone!!

Then, on the bottom, I unpicked the bottom hem, and sewed 6-7 rows of elastic on to shir it.

Sparkle Chevron Top (6)

I sewed some elastic onto the sleeves to gather them up pretty.

Sparkle Chevron Top (10)

I actually ended up sewing elastic from the sleeve hem all the way up to the collar, just because I liked the look. I also sewed it on the underarm seam to gather that up. Trying to make the shirt less manly. I could have made it into a tank top, but I wanted something I didn’t have to always layers with, if I didn’t want to.

Sparkle Chevron Top (9)

Then, I unpicked the collar since I don’t want a man’s collar! I drew on lines to cut from another shirt that I liked the neckline off. I sewed pintucks in the back of the neckline to gather in the fabric, and elastic in the front to make it not so bunchy.

Sparkle Chevron Top (11)

Then, I unpicked the seam covering from inside the shirt that went from one sleeve to the other. I used that as my collar. It was basically like bias tape. Pinned it on, and finished the collar.

Sparkle Chevron Top (12)

Sparkle Chevron Top (13)

While it was hanging on the mannequin I noticed the sequins weren’t all sitting nicely.

Sparkle Chevron Top (14)

So I took it off and ironed them, trying to basically melt them down how I wanted. They didn’t melt, but they laid better.

Sparkle Chevron Top (16)

Then, wash it to get all the marker and little threads off, and wear it on a date with your honey to see Avengers!

Sparkle Chevron Top (17)

With a cardigan over top…probably my favorite look right now.

Sparkle Chevron Top (1)

With a goofy face and no cardigan. Still not loving the collar, but I’ll mess with it later. What do you think?

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  1. Too cute!! I love it!!

  2. Really cute! Great job! Thanks for following and I am your newest follower!
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