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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

K, how many of you when you saw the post title cringed a little? How many laughed? So poor Nat has to go have surgery tomorrow. So, we need to send her happy thoughts, and give her some funny comments to read when she’s feeling miserable. So, I’m going to confess some of my guilty pleasures, and you’ll do the same back, kay? Remember, no judging zone. I don’t care if you laugh out loud at some of my things, because I hope to laugh at some of yours! If you’re a 65 year old male who likes Justin Bieber, more power to you!
Wanna know what a guilty pleasure is? Wikipedia says this: A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The "guilt" involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one's lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes. Fashion, video games, music,[1] movies[2], and junk food can be examples of guilty pleasures.
So what started me thinking about this? Recently, I made my husband watch a musical of boys/men dancing around, singing, in the streets of New York. Muaa haa haaha!! Any guesses to guilty pleasure #1?

You may recall when I posted this little YouTube gem on here. It was the first thing I pulled up on YouTube with our new blu ray player that had the YouTube app. Yep, I’m super cool. Whenever my hubby rolls his eyes as I’m singing or giggling with the movie like a little school girl, I remind him that the main guy grew up to be the epitome of Batman. Yum. This is just one of my movie guilty pleasures.
Food Guilty Pleasures:

Need I say more?

Could, and have, eaten an entire package of these. In one sitting. By myself. Yuck, right?
Music Guilty Pleasures:

Now, let me just say I heart Eminem. Not the language, or the content or anything. I don’t go buy his CDs, but I like the music videos for some of his songs, and have downloaded some edited songs. I only know the mainstream songs. I have gotten guff from some people who found out I listened to his music now and again, because, let’s face it, I’m a white girl that is so not the stereotypical rapster/gangster sort of gal. I  have stopped listening to it for the most part, mainly cuz I don’t want to know what my toddler would start repeating, but when I heard Lighters the first time, I was so excited to hear something on the radio that I could listen to with my kidlets in the car. Yes I downloaded that one too. BTW, watching the Super Bowl, one of my favorite commercials was the car one that was playing the background of “Lose Yourself”. Yay!
Celebrity Crushes:
This is where I may lose some of you if I haven’t already Smile I consider these 2 to be hotties. Ready?

Seriously. Love the Bowie. That Christmas video of Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing Little Drummer Boy? Watched it daily in December. Have you ever watched any Flight of the Conchords video on YouTube. Hilarious. The David Bowie one makes me laugh. (Cello Tape, Albie the Racist Dragon, and Business Time are also awesome. Just sayin). Love it. One of my favorite dance moments in a movie….A Knight’s Tale. You know the part I’m talking about. Here if you don’t. I make my husband watch that show too much as well. Smile

The one in the middle? Billy Joe Armstrong. Oh man. Heart him. Went to his concert back in the day and it was ah-maz-ing! Seriously. I was a bit of a concert junky in college. It all began with Weezer.

Nothing guilty about my unabated love for Rivers Cuomo. I just had to post his picture on my blog so I don’t betray him. I heart nerds. Big time. Before it was cool to admit it. But I am a pretty big nerd, so that works, I guess.
Book Guilty Pleasures:
K, this is one that I really am ashamed, embarrassed, too shy, scared to post. I literally don’t tell anyone. My cousin recommended this author to me way back in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy with #1. You know that time that DRAGS on for-e-ver? I posted on Facebook for book suggestions of lighthearted reads, and she told me this author. I literally read every book of hers in our little town library within that 6 weeks, and even got a library card for the next town over to read their bigger collection by this author. Wow. Since then, I have read every. single. one. of her 39 books. I own 19 of them on my Kindle (and have read them multiple times). Wanna know the best part? No one knows what I’m reading on that thing. I could be reading Tolstoy or Steinberg and no one knows I’m reading fluff. Pure and simple. It’s fluff. Being the person I am, I am shocked at myself for loving them. Seriously. They are predictable, formulaic, have some editorial errors, and really, if you’ve read one, you’ve read them all. But still. I love them. I kind of hate myself for getting so silly and giggly about them. But I do. The cousin who recommended them to me came up to me at a family thing and was asking if I’d read such and such book by her, and my other cousin who I freakin love and cherish her good opinion was there, and started asking about them, and I got so embarrassed. I knew she would most likely hate them, so I couldn’t confess. I’m silly, I know. What can you do? So if you want me to confess to my super silly and embarrassing book crush, you have to tell me some of your guilty pleasures. Please? I love reading about other people’s to know I’m not alone in the world!
P.S. I’ve been a cooking fool this morning. I’m doing the Norwex party tonight, and I think party=yummy treats. So I made some buttermilk lime shortbread bars, peanut butter popcorn, brown sugar cookies, rolo cake bars, and my favorite, chocolate truffle cookies. I may be a little crazy. There’s still time if you want to come join the madness. Especially since you got a look at the goodies Smile
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  1. Love this!
    Movie - Robin Hood w/ Kevin Costner My absolute favorite!
    Food - Candy. I buy holiday stuff for my 2 year old just so I can eat it. I feel bad, but she's crazy enough already.
    Music - When I'm alone in the car I listen to metal. Loud. Headbanging. Metal. or Taylor Swift ; )
    Crush - Usually whoever is playing the "bad guy". Sawyer from Lost, Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, Damon from Vampire Diaries, Eric from True Blood, Matt Bomer from White Collar...
    Book - I only read teen fiction and romance novels, so pretty much all my books are guilty pleasures. At the end of the day I just don't have the brain power for a "thinking" book.

  2. I *will not* allow my children to eat raw cookie dough but when no one's looking, I'll throw a big honking glob into my mouth and let it just melt away.

    I love going to the thrift store and digging through the sheets. If I find something I like, I buy it. I have quite a collection building up in my fabric bins. We recently moved and to save myself the embarrassment with the packers, I hauled most of the sheets upstairs to the linen closet hoping to disguise my obsession.

  3. I heart frozen chocolate chips mixed with frozen Reese's Peanut Butter chips. Mmmm....
    I'm also a rootbeer junkie.
    I love peeling off painter's tape after a paint job.
    I hate grating cheese, slicing lettuce and tomatoes and I always make hubby do it for me.
    I have a secret stash of fabric remnants from the clearance bins at fabric stores.
    I am a Star Wars/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings geek.
    I don't like chick flicks. My perfect date?! To snuggle up on the couch with the Hubsters, a big bowl of kettle corn and a World War II documentary.


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