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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Okay, have you ever had one of those days weeks where you are just going almost nonstop, and then you look at a calendar and realize it’s Friday? What the!? How’d that happen! But I feel like we are finally there. Next week, I get to start doing actual projects that don’t involve finding some long-lost treasure (or even necessity…ties for church anyone?!) and making it feel like home. Yeah!!! Super excited about that. I pulled out some boxes that haven’t seen the light of day for almost 2 years through all the moves, and it was fun seeing how much crap décor we have to play with! I think I’ll start with the girlies room, and work my way out from there. Yep, sounds good. So, 2 things that we got in the mail this week are making my top 5 today.

Woohoo!! We’ve entered the new millennium and finally retired the DVD player I had in college (that was a Wal-Mart special even then…) and bought this blu-ray player! We also bought another external hard drive so I can put pictures of projects kids on it! Yeah for that! So maybe now I’ll stop being lame and actually start doing a real project post on here. Hmmm, imagine that!Smile Okay, on to other things from blogland:

Since I just moved (again), this seems like a fabulous gift idea. Anyone in Kaysville read this and want to make me one? Smile Brown Paper Packages has the printable for giving someone who just moved a helpful little book to show the hot-spots in town. Nice right?

Okay, so Skip to My Lou made this granola as Teacher Appreciation gift, but I don’t have kids in school. I want this for me! I’m thinking I need to make this, along with some freezer meals, and then we’ll feel more ready to face things, instead of always scrambling to find what food we have last minute. Anyone else? I’m still using the excuse of “we just moved” but that won’t work too much longer!

Okay yum. Brown Paper Packages again with this delicious looking baklava pie. I want. Now.

frame to match teal and white

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