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Friday, March 9, 2012

Fanatabulous Friday

Sorry I disappeared this week. It started with a migraine last Saturday, added possible food poisoning, dehydration, and a sinus infection on top of it. So I begged Nat to take over the rest of the week. I’m feeling better, and actually had time yesterday to do a project that I’ll show on Monday. It made my dad smile, and really, since it was for his birthday, I consider that a success! On to Fab 5 Friday!

K, doesn’t this Reese’s Peanut Butter Cake from 1 Fine Cookie look amazing?!? Yeah, totally want to make that. Maybe I will…

My daughter’s birthday is coming up, and this look like so much fun! Edible Glitter from Planetpals!

Again, said birthday girl was asking for a Cinderella birthday, which I can totally do. But she’s now decided it needs to Minnie Mouse, via Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Um, okay. I’ve been trying to figure out games, decorations, food, etc. I haven’t even done any invitations, but since we have just moved, we really don’t know anyone here anyway, so yeah, it’ll just be family most likely. Still, any of you have a great idea for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? I’m trying to figure out something with Toodles, mous-ker-tools, and a game. We’ll see. But, this Minnie party from Heavenly Blooms blog is adorable with pink, black and zebra stripes!

I love this idea of art using the kiddo’s handprints to make it! So fun, from Creatively Living

Finally, yesterday, while I was doing my project, the girls were kept occupied by sweetened condensed milk painting, so I had an almost full can of condensed milk to use up. Enter this recipe. I’ve had it on my backburner to make for a year and a half. Cookie Dough Truffles from the queen of cooking blogs (in my opinion), Mel’s Kitchen CafĂ©. So so good & rich!
How’s that for our fun 5 this week? Don’t forget, Nat is doing a linky party tomorrow for anything you’ve sewn, thrifted, refashioned, etc! See you then!
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  1. I'm so glad you loved the truffles! Reminds me I need to make them again...

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better!

    That peanut butter cake looks so yummy and I'm definitely going to have to try the truffles.

    The handprints are adorable!

    I don't have any ideas for you on the birthday party theme. I have to turn that show off because the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Hot Dog songs haunt me all day long if I hear them. Haunt. All day long!


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