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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sewing Tools We Love

My Necessary Items:

Tape Measure: the only way to get measurement around curves, and I use mine all the time for lots of things!

Marking Utensil: you can use pencil, chalk, marker, disappearing ink, but you need one!

Scissors: You have to have good scissors that are only for fabric. Don’t use them on anything else, especially paper! I love my Gingher scissors I got in college

Cutting Board: this may not be on your list, but if you make anything that you need straight seams for (quilts, pillows, curtains), you want one of these! I use it all the time!

Rotary Cutter: I have an Olfa brand of these, and I love it. It’s what I inherited from my mom. You need a rotary cutter, board and ruler for cutting straight lines.

Clear Ruler: This is a definite must if you have a rotary board/cutter. Get one at least 5” wide, and as long as your cutting board

Pins: There’s so many types, pick whatever, but make sure they are sharp. When they get bent, throw them away because they might cause a snag in your fabric

Hand Needles: There’s always something that needs to be sewn by hand, so have a variety of needles to get the right one

Extra Machine Needles: There is nothing more frustrating than sewing late in the night, only to break a needle and not have anymore! Have a few on hand, usually Universal will be just fine, but if you sew heavy fabrics, have a couple denim and heavy fabric needles too

My Nice to Have Items:

Little Scissors: I don’t have this particular ones, but you should have good scissors just for fabric. I clip threads as I’m going, and use them to unpick seams, instead of a seam ripper

Seam Gauge: These are so nice to have, to make sure when you iron, sew, stitch, whatever, your seam is the same width everywhere

Safety Pins: Really nice to use when pinning little kids clothes, or clothes that you have to take off, since they won’t jab you

Nice, But not Necessary:

Seam Ripper: can be used to fix mess ups, but I tend to like my little scissors better

I’ll add more as I think of them, but this is a pretty good list! Now, do you need someplace to put these to keep them organized? Try this holder

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