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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Necktie Tee

neck tie tee shirt

Our cousin, Becky, is expecting her third baby.  What’s better than that?  She’s expecting her third boy!  Yep.  She’s totally copying me!  Just kidding!  I am completely excited for her, and this idea is for her.

This little shirt is fun, fast and easy.  Here’s how to make it:

neck tie tee shirt (1)

My little guys gave my Hubsters this necktie for Father’s Day.  It came with a silk handkerchief, which would have never been used, but I had this idea.  You don’t have to use a silk handkerchief.  Any fabric would work.

neck tie tee shirt (2)

All you need is a little bit of fabric and a matching tee shirt.

neck tie tee shirt (3)

Cut your fabric into two tie shapes.

neck tie tee shirt (5)

Stitch the two pieces together and press the raw edges.  If you’re using cotton and want the frayed look, you don’t have to press the raw edges.

neck tie tee shirt (4)

Use some spray adhesive to position the tie onto the shirt.

neck tie tee shirt (6)

neck tie tee shirt (7)

Pin it into place for added security.

neck tie tee shirt (8)

Stitch around the tie, and you’re done!  You can use a decorative stitch, a straight stitch, or whatever you want.

neck tie tee shirt (9)

I used this stitch, and I like the way it turned out.

neck tie tee shirt (10)

It looks even better on my littlest man!  I wanted a picture of my two handsome fellas together, but this was all I got:


Oh well.  I tried.  I made a bunch of these for our family pictures last year.  I used cotton and left the edges raw. 


I love the way the shirts washed up, but mostly, I just love what’s wearing them!  :)

I may not be posting on Friday.  Our sweet Grandpa passed away.  So, if I don’t see you before Sunday, have a very Merry Christmas!

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