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Monday, March 4, 2013

St. Patty’s Day Decor

Okay, I’ve had this all decorated since the weekend after Valentine’s day, but I’m just finally getting around to showing you. Without further ado, here’s our St. Patrick’s day décor.

St. Patrick's Day (11)

My lovely vignette. Sarcasm heavy. It’s just random green things I had…

St. Patrick's Day (10)

I pulled out my cauldron from Halloween supplies and stuff most of it full of plastic bags, then gold fabric, then just a few gold coins. The girls and I made the clay necklace and shamrocks from TP rolls last year on one of our crafty days. The green candles are from my closet, and the ombre green “I” was a mess up elsewhere, but we can pretend it’s for Irish, right?

St. Patrick's Day (9)

I made this gumdrop wreath last year when I got a TON of gumdrops, which I don’t like, and decided to make them into a wreath. It was supposed to be for Christmas, but I didn’t like it, so it became a rainbow St. Patty’s wreath.

St. Patrick's Day (6)

The green beads, tulle, flowers, wire shamrocks, ribbon, and stain glass shamrock are just things I’ve collected or made through the years.

St. Patrick's Day (8)

I had made the LUCKY rosette last year with this rainbow:

St. Patrick's Day (1)

Last year, the girls and I made a rainbow for the mantle, so I hung it up here. Half heartedly. It’s falling down. It leads to gold at the end…

St. Patrick's Day (7)

My gold mirror…Smile We cut out all the circles with this fun toy my husband got me for Christmas:

So fun….Then, the girls helped me sew them all together on the sewing machine. They thought that was fun.

St. Patrick's Day (2)

I just kinda draped it on the mirror. By the mirror, I wrapped my lamp with some shamrock wire…

St. Patrick's Day (3)

By the tree is a chair we don’t use and a leprechaun my mom found on clearance.

St. Patrick's Day (5)

The girls like to play with him, but he kinda weirds me out watching me….

St. Patrick's Day (4)

I still want to print off a cute printable, but haven’t gotten to it yet, so we’ll see….So there’s our décor. I know, you could hardly wait to see it, huh? Anyway, happy St. Pats day!

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