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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It’s That Time of the Month Again…

...the time I dread above all others...HAIRCUT TIME!!
haircut tutorial (9)[5]
That post has been pretty popular on Pinterest.  So, if you’re visiting from Pinterest and that pin, Welcome!  Pull up a chair and stick around!!
I cut hair again this weekend.  I cut all six of my guys’ hair.  So fun.  (please, sense the sarcasm…I don’t love cutting hair.  I just do it to save money.)
Don't get me wrong, I love a well groomed little boy, but the haircut process drives me CRAZY!! It makes a huge mess, and it is so hard to get their hair even with all that wiggling.
Then they get mad because I have to fix the part I messed up on when they wiggled. As they are crying, bits of hair land on their tongue and gets all over their mouth. That feels disgusting, so naturally they have to cry harder and spit the hair out. The tears and the spit mix with the hair clippings to make "hair mud" that is impossible to remove until they take a bath.
So, they endure the rest of their haircut sobbing, cursing their hairdresser and spitting, but holding still so they can take a bath.

The haircut process is kind of like an assembly line. I start with the youngest. As soon as he is finished with his haircut, the Hubsters carts him off to the bathtub while I start on the next youngest.
And so it goes until all of my little boys are groomed and cleaned. When they are finished, the Hubsters gets his haircut. What a blessed woman I am to be able to cut a head of hair without all the crying, wiggling, cursing and "hair mud!" Not once do I have to remind him that it is "statue time!" As soon as he is finished with his haircut, he heads up to take a shower while I clean up the mess of six haircuts.
After what seems like an eternity, that dreaded time of the month is over.
I realize I am itchy and covered in hair. It takes all of my will power to not cry and spit and make another "hair mud" mess. I carefully walk to the bathroom for a shower so that I don't "shed" the hair clippings all over the carpet and have to vacuum when I am finished.
Finally, I make it into the shower only to realize that the hot water is gone.
Nothing says, "Thanks for the haircut Mom! I love you!" like a nice cold shower after spending the last few hours wrestling little boys and being emotionally abused. ;)  Oh well. That time of the month is over and the end result is nice:
What a good lookin' kid!
I kid. Haircut day isn’t that bad, and it is nice to have some one on one time with my boys.
Have you tried my haircut tutorial?  What did you think?  Do you love saving all that money?  I’ll bet I’m saving close to a thousand dollars a year by enduring the haircuts and doing it my self.
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  1. It was that time for us to this weekend. I have to cut 3 boys hair and I hear you!! Wriggling, crying and spitting happens here to. The three year old only got his back and sides cut before it was too much for him (and me!). It is good to save so much money though. Thats why we do it!! Oh, and thanks for the tips in your how-to. I have been cutting it right! Good to know! Thanks again.


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