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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Decor

I’ve been putting off this post for awhile now. Not that I don’t love it, but there’s a lot of pictures, and I keep changing things. So my house may not even look like this next week…But, here is what it looks like right now. This is my little tour, and as best as I can, I’ll give credit where it’s due for project inspiration.

Halloween Decor (6)

Last week for preschool (that I do with my girls), we did P is for Pumpkin. So we made a bunch of pumpkins. These were made out of the same fabric I used on Thing 1’s skirt, but one is lined in white, and one in black. I used pipe cleaners and tulle for the leaves and stems. I got the basic idea from here. (do you recognize my awesome thrift store trunk?)

Halloween Decor (7)

Then, we did more pumpkins! I did a book page pumpkin, similar to my book page ornament, and a fun little fan pumpkin. That one turned out cute, but a lot smaller than I wanted it. We went to Wal-Mart the day Cinderella was released, and they gave out these little pages that you could use to turn a pumpkin into a carriage, so we did those too.

Halloween Decor (9)

This is my gorgeous rocking chair that I love, with spider webs and a big yarn spider web on the window. The spiders were a craft with the girls last Halloween, they’re just pompoms and pipe cleaners. The pumpkins are on the windowsill right behind the plant, since you can’t see them. The rocking chair has my pumpkin pillow I made last year on it too.

Between the entry and the rocking chair are these fabulous pieces of art that have a great story. Sorry, not telling it today. It’s not spooky enough. But I draped some more spider webs and a spider on them.

Halloween Decor (11)

On the other side of the entry is my giant paper tree. We decked it out for Halloween.

Halloween Decor (12)

My girls were really sad we took off all the pretty leaves, but we’ll bring them back soon. For now, a few owls are hanging out, and they decorated with little black pieces of paper all over the trunk…

Halloween Decor (13)

And a cat on the fence. With a few bats flying around. Looks like the fence is trying to fall off. Better fix that.

Halloween Decor (14)

More spiders and webs.

Halloween Decor (16)

And a spooky house and webs hanging out on my memo board.

Halloween Decor (17)

This picture is super dark, but it’s my floor lamp like this:

that we got for our wedding and I pretty much love. Anyway, it’s got a bunch of pumpkins collected over the years. The mason jar lid was inspired by this.

Continuing down the wall…

Halloween Decor (18)

I cut out some Halloween things, like a bat, “BOO” a spider, and a gravestone on the Cricut, and the “BOO” is just a hanger turned to letters and wrapped with fabric.

Halloween Decor (19)

Spiders continued their work down the pictures to the other floor lamp

Halloween Decor (20)

The Willow Tree Figurine is turned into a witch with paper, and just some other pumpkins and some black flowers in a black vase.

Now, for the main event…

Halloween Decor (34)

The witch lands here. It was a dark and stormy week so I had to use the lights for pictures….

Halloween Decor (35)

Here’s my awesomely spooky spread. I used gray tulle that is kinda shredded for the base, and just kept adding more stuff Smile

Halloween Decor (37)

I’ve been hoarding brass candlesticks from the thrift store for the past year, so that’s where all 6 are from. The mummy hand was one I made last year. It’s a stuffed  (and wired) latex glove put on a can of food, wrapped in strips of fabric. That black tree is my favorite Halloween decoration. Hands down. The little house started like this:


$1 from the thrift store…Until I spray painted it black…

Halloween Decor (31)

The hubby’s brother does a lot of cool carving things, and this was one of those. I think a skull is too creepy to have out year round, so I keep it with the Halloween goodies.

Halloween Decor (32)

I strung any black and white things I had on the key hooks, so I have lace, pompom trim, and a broken black bead necklace tied on with black ribbon. I pretty much love how that looks.

Halloween Decor (33)

Funny story, the people we’re renting the basement from saw this sign and gave it to me just for fun. Love it! Yes it’s crooked, it’s supposed to be Smile

Halloween Decor (36)

Then the potions and poisons ledge. I made the test tube holder out of scrap wood last year, and the test tubes are just things I’ve found here and there, but if you go buy these mints, it comes in a test tube!

I bought a few when I saw them at Wal-Mart, and they are potent mints! But they’re good!

Anyway, lots of potions and empty jars stuffed with random things, (sorry dark picture)

Halloween Decor (22)

And a little friendly rat sniffing out some food. I cut out a chandelier shaped on the Cricut from vinyl too. I kinda love that look. I also drew things on the permanent pictures, like a gravestone, a ghost, fangs on Mona Lisa, etc. with a wet erase marker.

Halloween Decor (38)

I also pretty much love my googly eye frame I made last year.

Halloween Decor (39)

And of course, we can’t leave the girls out of the fun, so they have a spider web and spiders hanging out on their door.

Halloween Decor (40)

And sparkly garland hanging from the ceiling.

Halloween Decor (41)

And fun clings on their window

Halloween Decor (42)

There’s also some clings they helped me hang on our front/back door.

Halloween Decor (1)

Welp, hope you enjoyed! I imagine we’ll be changing a few things here and there, and of course shopping the day after clearance sales for next year! That’s what I do every year Smile Then you can decorate for cheap. And keep an eye out at the thrift store year round. You never know what you’ll find!

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