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Monday, July 9, 2012

Memo…yeah, log that away!

You may remember when I posted here that I needed/wanted to make some sort of organization/memo board? Well, when I got a cork board for free, I decided to do just that.
Memo Board (4)
It was kind of breaking, so I secured it all around with electrical tape. Maybe I’ll give up looking and just go buy more duct tape one of these days? I went to the DI and found these awesome frames that matched!!! For $2 total. Memo Board (5)
I laid them out in different ways on the board, figuring out what I wanted. (btw I thought the pictures were kinda cool, they’re birds made from real feathers. I’ll probably find out they were worth buttloads of money and I just took them apart. Oh well!)
Memo Board (3)
Memo Board (2)
Then started painting everything. I stained the cork board black, and painted the frames different colors of turquoise. I painted the priority mail envelopes gray. I printed off some chevron design paper in a gray and white color, and then started putting everything back together!
Memo Board (7)
I screwed everything in from the back. Wow, dark pict. Sorry. Oh, I cut out the “his” and “hers” from my mom’s Cricut and Mod Podged it on. Cute, eh? My hubby’s is bulging with stuff he needs to find homes for. Mine, not as much.
Memo Board (1)
I put chalkboard vinyl in the top frame (it’s hard to tell). It’s a countdown to daddy’s birthday right now. I hot glued some cabochons to the thumbtacks to make cute pins (from Pick Your Plum and Plaid Barn).
Memo Board (9)
I wrote our summer fun list on the long frame, and a shopping list/to do list in the smaller frames. I hot glued some magnet clips below the summer list. Here’s a closer picture of that frame to show the ombre effect. Fun!
Memo Board (8)
The calendar is something my sister made for us for Christmas. It inspired the color scheme. It’s a magnetic calendar that you just change the dates every month. I put some washi tape on the corners of the cork board, and on the envelopes to add some pizazz. And that’s my new memo board! It’s hung in our kitchen so groceries and things will hopefully not get forgotten.

Memo Board (1) copy 
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  1. Lovely memo board!

  2. OMG! You just destroyed some beautiful pictures! I have some of the same ones you found. I don't know if they are worth anything, but to me they are beautiful.


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