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Monday, April 16, 2012

Rock a Bye

So we had friends over on Saturday night, and saw my favoritest roommates/husbands. It was so fun! I haven’t seen some of them since my baby was born, and that’s almost 2 years. Way too long. I mean, look how fun these girls are:
Spring Break & Utah State Howl (can I get a woot woot?!)
More Spring Break, and delicious Mexican food at Café Sabor for a birthday!!
I’m probably gonna get in trouble for posting these pictures, but whatever. I love these girls! We had an Italian potluck, so everyone brought something Italian, and it was SO GOOD! Plus, on Friday, the hubby and I went with my favoritest person ever to see Hunger Games. Oh man. So disturbing, but great movie. Right? Have you seen it? Speaking of entertainment type stuff…Does anyone watch Once Upon a Time? When are they going to show a new one? They can’t leave us hanging like that?!?!? Whatever. Anyway, on to today’s project. Honestly, I did this last year, but I haven’t done any projects (yet) since moving besides my Easter wreath, so here’s one that my amazing interior designer friend was commenting about on Saturday. I thought I’d show you what I did.
Rocking Chair (3)
I had redone the cushions when I had first baby, and made them easily removable to wash things like spit up. Fun.
Rocking Chair (4)
There. Now I’m not a slob. When we moved into a rental last summer, it just seemed so dark to me. So I took off the cushions.
Rocking Chair (5)
Yeah, still dark. My grandpa made this, and he passed away last year, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t do anything too crazy. But I was at Wal-Mart and they were clearancing off some spray paint, so I used my birthday money (I know, I’m quite the party animal) to buy some. This paint actually.

I took the H-E-A-V-Y chair out to the garage, laid out the drop cloths, primed it by hand (I didn’t have any spray paint sadly), then spray painted. I’m still learning the best techniques, but  All Things Thrifty has tips on her site.
Rocking Chair
I sanded any drops I had, and then glazed over it with a charcoal color glaze I already had. Techniques/tips here.
Rocking Chair (7)
Added a stencil on the back in the middle with some stencil paint and a brush, and then hauled that heavy thing inside.

 Rocking Chair (1)

Here it is in our new house, minus drop clothsSmile

Purty huh? Much lighter now!
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