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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It’s Fall!

Hooray! I’m finally posting this picture because I want to start decorating for Halloween, so I figured I’d show you what I had out for Fall.

Fall Mantle (2)

Our rental has this buffet type thing in the family room, with some hooks above it, that I decided will serve as my “mantle”. I can decorate it for holidays. So here’s the first real holiday I decorated it for.

Fall Mantle (1)

Bronze candlesticks gathered over the past year from the thrift store, as well as a wire candle holder that looks like a pumpkin.

Fall Mantle (4)

The scarecrows are something my mom gave me when I was first married, and they are really cutesy, but they’re fine for Fall.

Fall Mantle (5)

This is a pumpkin I’m kind of in love with. I inherited more canning lids than is right, and a lot are way to rusty to use for canning anymore, so I made a canning jar lid pumpkin that I saw on the CSI Project. I used a stick from outside for the stem. Love!!

Fall Mantle (3)

Pumpkins are ones I’ve gathered through the years in the after Halloween sales. The bowl on the far left is the one I made here. So it’s fun, but I think my Halloween one will kick its butt. Now, for the other big holiday decoration we’ve had out all month:

Fall Tree (2)

It started out as a $1 worth of brown butcher paper, or 2 yards.

Fall Tree (3)

Then, it became a tree on the wall. You can see that I added 2 branches on the side after my kids had already crumbled up the leftover paper.

Fall Tree (1)

This is a big tree.

Fall Tree (4)

We took the leaves leftover from making my super easy wreath (leaves from the dollar store)

Wreath (2)

I made this last year, but didn’t think it was worth a tutorial, because it’s leaves hot glued onto a cardboard cut out, and then hung with tulle ribbon. Ridiculous.

Wreath (1)

Just for the perspective, it’s hanging right by my fall “mantle”, and you can even see our family rules hanging there. Okay, back to the tree. We hung the leftover leaves on our tree.

Fall Tree (9)

But that’s not nearly enough leaves. So my kids got to do some watercolor. And I cut out leaves with the Cricut.

Fall Tree (7)

Fall Tree (8)

Gotta say, It’s a nice tool and all, but I spent almost as much time fixing the leaves as I did cutting them out on the Cricut. Maybe my blade is already bad? Haven’t used it long. I know the mat isn’t sticky anymore which is silly. I’ve done about 5 projects. *sigh*. More proof I need a Silhouette. Okay, back to our leaves. We hung them up on our tree. I think they turned out really cool.

Fall Tree (14)

The kids could reach them falling down onto the ground

Fall Tree (6)

For perspective, this is right by the front/back door to our house. It’s right in the kitchen, so everyone sees it who comes over.

Fall Tree (11)

Bet you didn’t know leaves were blue and purple?

Fall Tree (12)

Fall Tree (13)

Lots of fun shapes and textures on our tree.

Fall Tree

See how big this tree is? I was standing on a chair to put the leaves up. Granted, I’m 5’3”, but still. 6 feet tall about.

Fall Tree (10) copy

It was a very fun craft day with the kids, and they love to show people their leaves. We’ll be using it more, come Halloween and Thanksgiving, don’t you worry about that.

Finally, the last fun fall thing I’ve done to get psyched about fall and cooler weather….

Candy Corn Nails (2)

I took these at night, and the next day did a lot of yard work, so they got all chipped and not pretty, so I apologize about the pictures, but it can’t be helped now!

Candy Corn Nails (1)

These are easy, just take some time. Paint a strip of yellow nail polish on the bottom. When that’s dry, add a strip of orange. Then, when that’s dry, add the final strip of white. I did this throughout the day. We were running a lot of errands, so whenever we got home, I hurried and added a strip. I coated the final nail with a clear glitter, so they had a bit of sparkle. I like to keep my nails short, so this is a fun way to still bring in the fall! Have a great day!

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