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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Idea for Kids

Here’s a fun last minute Thanksgiving idea that I pulled together yesterday afternoon. I’m currently driving out of state to go to the in-laws for turkey day. I always try to have activities to keep them happy in the car. We don’t have a DVD player in our car. I know, the horrors! But really, with enough prep beforehand, we don’t need it. My idea was shamelessly borrowed from Kiki Creates.

I love the idea of this, but I didn’t have the means to go out, get color copies, cut them apart, and then laminate them. So, I did something else….

Turkey Potato Head (9)

I happen to have buttloads of felt. I mean really. So I cut out 2 turkey body shapes, free-handing it, and 4 legs, 2 beaks, and 2 gullets. Then, I cut a pattern out of a cereal box for feathers.

Turkey Potato Head (5)

and cut out multitudes of feathers. For some pizazz, I cut some out of white and stole borrowed some glitter from my girls.

Turkey Potato Head (4)

I cut out a few clothes, not many…

Turkey Potato Head (1)

and some accessories (like a mustache, of course!)

Turkey Potato Head (6)

and dolled up a few of the other pieces with fabric paint for the eyes, and glitter for some bows and crowns.

Turkey Potato Head (3)

I used a hot glue gun to piece together the turkeys, and put the flowers on the hat and buckle on the belts, etc.

Turkey Potato Head (8)

And here’s our turkey all dolled up… (almost looks like an angry leprechaun)

Turkey Potato Head (12)

and the misses. Or a princess. Whatev.

Turkey Potato Head (11)

So hopefully they have fun with these on our long drive, and maybe while dinner is cooking! But the real Turkey Potato Head is adorable and amazing, so go get that if you don’t feel like cutting a bunch of felt up!

P.S. I did these yesterday and took pictures last night, so they’re a little wonky. Sorry!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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