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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Easiest, Tastiest Pie Crust. Ever.

It’s true.  This pie crust is absolutely fantastic. 

Crafty Cousins' tips for making the best pie crust you've ever tasted

I can’t take credit for this recipe, though.  I got it from the lovely ladies over at Our Best Bites.  They have the most wonderful cookbook.  They have made me a rock star in my kitchen!  I want their newest cookbook, too!So, if you need a Christmas gift idea for me, there’s a good one!  ;)

Anyway, onto the crust, you’ll have fabulous results if you follow their tutorial.  But if you’re afraid of pie crust like I am, I’ve got a cheater method for you.

Use your food processor.  The recipe says to mix your ingredients in a bowl with a pastry blender.  Instead, use the blade on the food processor and pulse it until you have pea-sized pieces.  Then, pulse it while you add your ice water.  Keep pulsing it until it looks like pie crust.  Continue on with your pie recipe just as you normally would.

Super easy, and super tasty!

The best pie crust you've ever tasted

Just in case you’re wondering, I used my mom’s apples in the fandibulous recipe from Our Best Bites.  Oh Heaven.  It was so, so tasty!  :)

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Birthday, Mom! 

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