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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Little Handyman Tool Apron

I mentioned on Facebook a while back, that I had this fabulous book called
This book is a lot of fun.  It has so many great ideas, and it also includes pattern pieces.  Anyway, I was wondering if it would be a fun or dumb idea to see how many handmade Christmas gifts I could make.  I got a positive response, so now I am re-stocking my fabric stash with one yard pieces of fabric.
For my first project, I used their Mini Craft & Tool Belt--kinda.  I tweaked my apron to my liking, so I’ll give you my tutorial, which ended up being very different from theirs.
Little Handyman Tool Apron
I wanted bigger pockets for my little handyman.  Theirs is also lined.  I had planned on doing that with mine, but then realized I could get two aprons (for Monkey and a friend) if I didn’t line it. 
Little Handyman Tool Apron by the Crafty Cousins
So, for my apron, you need:
Cut out two back pieces in this shape:
Little Handyman Tool Apron (2)
Cut out two more pieces in the same shape, only smaller:
Little Handyman Tool Apron (3)
That would be the brown one.
Next, cut out four square pockets in the same fabric as the back side of the apron:
Little Handyman Tool Apron (5)
Cut a 2” strip from the bias tape:
Little Handyman Tool Apron (6)
Use the rest of the bias tape for the waist ties.  Measure out what you’ll need for your little one.  Now you should have all these pieces:
Little Handyman Tool Apron (1)
You have a decision to make.  Do you want just one lined apron?  If so, then put the pieces together with the right sides facing each other.  Sew them together, but leave an opening so that you can turn the pieces right side out. 
Get it?  The two back pieces sewn together, the two brown pocket pieces sewn together, the four square pocket pieces sewn together…
Once they’re sewn together and turned right side out, press the pieces and topstitch around them.
If you’re going to do two aprons, hem or serge around all of the pieces; except for the bias tape.  FYI, I used my satin stitch rolled hem on my serger.
Okay.  Everything hemmed or topstitched?
Little Handyman Tool Apron (10)
Now you need to sew the 2” strip of bias tape closed.  Finish the ends of the waistband/ties.
Little Handyman Tool Apron (9)
Let’s work on the pockets next, shall we?  You need to do it in this order, or you’re going to be spending a lot of time picking out the pockets.  No fun.
Take the two pockets and the 2” strip of bias tape and pin them to the brown pocket like so:
Little Handyman Tool Apron (11)
Be sure to make the bias tape strip into a loop.  This is fun for hammers, wrenches, hairbrushes, or whatever else they want to use it for.  Pin everything down and sew it into place.  Leave the tops of the pockets open.
Line up the brown pocket to the back piece of the apron and pin it into place.  Sew around the outer edge of the pocket.
Little Handyman Tool Apron (13)
Let’s turn that one big pocket into two.  This is kinda tricky with that little center loop.  No worries.  I’ll show you how to deal with that.
First, find the center of the brown pocket and mark it with a fabric pen. pins, chalk, or whatever else you want.
Start sewing down that center line.  When you get to the loop, sew as far down as you can without sewing over the loop.
Back stitch then lift your presser foot, slide the loop past the presser foot, lower the foot and start sewing again.  Be sure you back stitch again.  Finish the center seam.
Still confused?  Let me show you how I did it with the pictures.  It should look like this:
Little Handyman Tool Apron (15)
Little Handyman Tool Apron (17)
Little Handyman Tool Apron (16)
Clip that little thread over the loop, and you should have this:
Little Handyman Tool Apron (19)
For the waistband/ties, find the center of the bias tape and the center of the apron. Place the top of the apron between the folds of the bias tape.
 Little Handyman Tool Apron (20)
Line them up, pin them down and sew them into place.
Little Handyman Tool Apron (21)
Little Handyman Tool Apron (23)
See the seam at the top of the apron?  That’s what you should have done.
Now your apron is finished!  Woot!
Little Handyman Tool Apron
For funzies, I sewed a decorative stitch around the pockets.
Little Handyman Tool Apron (24)
…and I made two matching aprons.
Little Handyman Tool Apron (26)
I hope Monkey likes his tool aprons!  Ssshhhh….don’t tell him.  They’re for Christmas!  :)
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