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Friday, October 19, 2012

Get out of my Face

Okay, here’s a few ideas if you need that extra umph for your costume. I have bought this face painting set

and this book

And they both helped me when I was face painting at the Pony Royale Party we hosted.

See my cute princesses?

So, I plan on doing something for Halloween using those, but here’s some more inspiration for makeup, masks, and face painting!

I want to dress up as a witch just to do this makeup. From a tumblr thing, Lover of Makeup.

A feathered mask from Fabulous K

A DIY Lace Mask from Sprinkles in Spring

Here’s a lot of face painting ideas and help over at Spoiled Pretty

This makes me want to go as Cleopatra. I couldn’t get back to the original post, but here’s the closest I got. She apparently has tons of makeup on her blog, but it is in another language.

There’s a ton more ideas out there, especially gruesome and really involved ones, so if you want to look for more ideas, just go do a search. I’m probably going to have nightmares….Jokes, but only barely!

Halloween Button copy

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