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Monday, March 26, 2012

You say it’s your Birthday! It’s my Birthday too!

This munchkin was actually due on my birthday!
It’s hard to believe this little princess is now 4!
Birthday Girl (5)
We celebrated with a Minnie Mouse Princess party. She had lots of fun! I made her the skirt with strips of tulle tied onto an elastic. I actually sewed a pink skirt inside so the tulle wouldn’t bug her, and it’d be more modest. She said it still hurt her, so I need to figure out the waist. The shirt I made with fabric paint.
Making Shirt (4)
I mixed black & sparkly silver to get the color.
Making Shirt (3)
I just used a plain white t-shirt from Walmart. I cut a circle out on my mom’s Cricut to get my biggest stencil.
Making Shirt (5)
Don’t worry, I wised up and found a stencil brush!
Making Shirt (6)
I used a circle stencil for the smaller ears.
Making Shirt (1)
And then just melted the edges of some ribbon and sewed it on for the bow!
Here’s the Happy Birthday banner!
Minnie Mouse Party (16)
I made tissue pom-poms with Martha’s directions here. My mom bought the Minnie Happy Birthday banner at Zurchers. I sewed some fabric triangles onto wide ric rac from Pick Your Plum for the banner at the top.
Minnie Mouse Party (17)
I hung them all from a Command Hook.
Minnie Mouse Party (13)
Don’t mind me paranoid. She’s my baby, so I blocked out her name. But see how cute the font is?
Minnie Mouse Party (14)
I used my mom’s Cricut to make the rosettes. I used the Ribbons & Rosettes cartridge. I figured out a few things to make these a lot easier, so here’s a few tips if anyone ever uses that cartridge.Making Rosettes (2)
It has different designs, but basically when you cut it out, you’ll have 5-6 pieces like this. Easiest way is hot glue, in my opinion. Put some on the little tab they cut for you.Making Rosettes (3)
Do all your strips (it’s fun to do mix & match colors!)
Making Rosettes (1)
I didn’t get more pictures, but at this time, you’ll fold them fan/accordion style on the lines you can see. It suggests scoring it, but I didn’t. Then, make sure you have 2 center ready to go. One for the front and one for the back. You’ll hot glue the ends together, and then make the circle form the rosette shape, and hot glue the centers to the front and back. It worked really well for me! Anyway, more party pictures!
Minnie Mouse Party (4)
Originally, Thing 1 told me she wanted a Cinderella party, so I ordered that doll pan on Amazon. Then she changed her mind to the Minnie Mouse, so I threw in Princess to make it work. The reason there are 2 cakes is the first one got messed up coming out of the pan, so I had to make a second one! I ended up frosting both since I had frosting, and just made one for her to blow the candles out of. My mom bought the napkins, cups, plates, and mouse ears at Zurchers.
Minnie Mouse Party (10)
We hot glued bows on some of them for Minnie Mouse ears.
Minnie Mouse Party (3)
Minnie Mouse Party (5)
Minnie Mouse Party (6)
These were so cute! I saw the idea on Pinterest, but she didn’t give directions on how to make the ears stick, and I did melted chocolate chips, and after A LOT of trial and error, I finally got it to work. If you wanted to do it, use almond bark or candy coating or even chocolate frosting that hardens quick.
Minnie Mouse Party (7)Minnie Mouse Party (8)
Minnie Mouse Party (9)
Birthday Girl (10)
Here’s the little monsters waiting for friends to come! Can you tell who’s birthday it is, because they both look pretty excited!
We invited friends with these invitations:
I sewed 3 circles together, and sewed a 1/2 circle on for a pocket with the information in there!
Minnie Mouse Party (18)
When the friends got there, they all got ears. We played a few games.
Games (1)
This was a pin-the-bow on Minnie game mom got from Zurchers. It looks like this in the package.

A matching game

and a scavenger hunt:

The scavenger game was pretty creative. There were 32 different circles, and the kids had to find the 4 on their card. I had hid them around the room, so that could be something you change up and make your own for your theme.
We had a piñata that I made with a diaper box.
Pinata (2)
I taped it too well. The kids couldn’t break it! But I covered it with tissue paper and glue:
Pinata (10)
Then did one side with fringe,
 Pinata (4)
and one with ruffly circles.
Pinata (5)
I stuffed it with favor bags already put together.
Pinata (6)
These bags:

We hung it out on the swing set and let the kids go at it.
Pinata (1)
Minnie Mouse Party (28)
Then we went inside and I had them watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I got the cake and ice cream ready. They got up and did the hot dog dance after!
Minnie Mouse Party (36)
Then the birthday girl blew out the candles
Minnie Mouse Party (39)
while everyone sang Happy Birthday. They ate cake & cookies,
Minnie Mouse Party (41)
and then we opened presents. They had lots of fun!
Minnie Mouse Party (48)
Happy Birthday sweetie!
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  1. Sooo darn cuuute. I LOVE this.. Super adorable and how cute is the birthday girl.. ;)))

  2. My daughter turned 4 on the 4th of March. We also had a Barbie cake. Looks like a fun party. :)

  3. Such great ideas! My daughter loves minnie, so I will have to save this one!


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