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Saturday, March 3, 2012

No Sew Vest From a Tee Shirt

Hi again!  I know I’ve already posted today, but I made this before lunch today.  It was so fast and easy, I had to share it!  If you still want to check out my What I Wore Sunday post,  it’s just right under this one.

no sew vest crafty cousins

Remember this vest I made?

no sew vest (15)

Well, this morning while I was making pancakes, I thought, “Duh!  I could have done that with an oversized tee shirt, too!”

While I was out shopping, I picked up a shirt off the clearance rack, brought it home and went to work.  I even timed myself on this project.

no sew vest from a tee shirt (1)

Make sure your shirt is a few sizes too big.  I normally wear a medium, so I bought an extra large.  You want your vest to be loose and …flow-ey?  Is that even a word?  Spell check says no.  I say whatevs.  Moving right along.

no sew vest from a tee shirt (2)

Cut right up the center of the shirt.

no sew vest from a tee shirt (3)

Cut the ribbing off the neck, and cut down the neckline a tad.

no sew vest from a tee shirt (4)

Round off the pointed edges of the neckline, or leave it if you like it that way.

no sew vest from a tee shirt (13)

no sew vest from a tee shirt (14)

Cut off the sleeves, but make the arm holes bigger. 

no sew vest from a tee shirt (5)

Like this:

no sew vest from a tee shirt (6)

Turn the vest around cut the back of the arm holes in closer to the center.  Like this:

no sew vest from a tee shirt (7)

It should look like this in the back:

no sew vest from a tee shirt (11)

Cut a rectangle of fabric from the sleeves.

no sew vest from a tee shirt (10) 

Tie it around the piece of fabric between the armholes in the back of the vest with the knot facing inside.

no sew vest from a tee shirt (15)

Here’s what the back will look like on the outside:

no sew vest from a tee shirt (16)

BOOM!  You’re done!  And it only took 7 minutes and 35 seconds!  Here’s the proof:

no sew vest from a tee shirt (12)

That’s 7 1/2 minutes INCLUDING the time I spent taking pictures for the tutorial.  You could easily do this in five.  Sweet!

no sew vest from a tee shirt (18)

Cute, too, right?  I had Crocky (my nine year old-that’s his nickname) take these pictures.  I tried to do it with the self timer and got this:

no sew vest from a tee shirt (19)

That’s my ceiling.  The camera shot the picture as it was falling off the couch.  Nice, eh?!  I actually like Crocky’s photography skills. 

no sew vest from a tee shirt (21) 

We had fun.  Oh, back to the vest…

no sew vest from a tee shirt (18)

Front view…

no sew vest from a tee shirt (20)

…and back view.

This is why you want to use a tee shirt that is too big for you.  It’s a fun, fast, and easy way to change up the wardrobe!

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  1. My kinda project! Thanks, I will owe my wardrobe upgrade to you!

  2. Awesome! Can't beat a great new look for under 5 minutes:)

  3. what a fun project.. I love no sew ideas!
    Thanks for linking up at friday fun party..

  4. Hi! Just wanted to let you know I linked to you. I love this tutorial! I am proof, though, that one can botch even the simplest instructions. LOL. Oh well, here is the link. I am going to try again soon though. ;)

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  6. Thanks for the info! This will be very useful for my cosplay that I am doing.

  7. I did this and it came out so cute. I used a huge t shirt and now it just barely fits. You were right in saying to get a shirt that is several sizes too big to work with. I am dressing up as a Pirate Girl this year and this was what my outfit needed to complete it. Ever since I moved into this little apartment I can't use my sewing machine as I have a counter height table and can't use the foot pedal. (I know, I wasn't thinking when I gave my perfect height desk away) I needed a no-sew project and you saved my day with this one. Thanks!!!

  8. Order your favourite shirt from, the fasion shopping you need!

  9. I made this! I didn't put the tie in the back but otherwise it looks fantastic! It took about 10 minutes maximum. I bought a XL black t-shirt at Goodwill for $3.88, cut it up and I now have a cut little vest. I love it, thanks!


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